Kotlin App Development: 6 Features that Create Better Android Apps

Without a doubt, digitization has taken over most aspects of our lives. We rely on the internet for fetching information, shopping, paying bills, and navigating.

While we are knee-deep into digitization, it is no surprise that the operations and success of businesses depend on the internet too.  

Since most consumers prefer online solutions because of convenience and hassle-free experience, enterprises focus on improving their online presence. For example, a user-friendly mobile application is the best way to reach out to potential customers. Online users prefer mobile phones over other devices for their ease of use and portability.

Regardless of how competitive the digital space is, you can drive more customers to your business by developing a dynamic Android app. But when it comes to picking a programming language for Android app development, it is a real dilemma. After all, the market has numerous coding languages for the Android app.

If you want a modern programming language that builds robust Android apps, Kotlin is an ideal option.

But in the first place, what is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a new open-source programming language by Google that creates powerful mobile applications, thanks to its range of features. Versatility is the key aspect of Kotlin that results in massive adoption for Android app development. Additionally, Kotlin is known as a concise and safe language.

Before you start searching for a reliable Kotlin Android development company, here is what you should know. In this post, we will explore Kotlin features that help developers build better Android apps. After reading this, you will be sure whether your decision to use Kotlin for your mobile app is best or not.

  • Top Kotlin features that build superior Android apps
  • Java interoperability – One essential feature that makes Kotlin different from other programming languages is its Java interoperability. It is the reason that inspired both Java and Android app developers to learn Kotlin.

Besides supporting Java tools and libraries, Kotlin also runs on JVM. Hence, it offers full Java interoperability. If you are wondering what interoperability means, do not worry. We are here to help you.

Kotlin’s interoperability to Java refers to both languages co-existing. It helps developers to be more productive. With the help of this feature, your Kotlin app development provider can compile a single Android app using Kotlin and Java. As a result, developers can transition easily to another language without editing the codes. It saves you money and time developing more Android apps.

  • Extension functions – Given the name “extension functions,” it is understandable that this feature aids in adding extra features. Hence, your developer can add impressive features to your Kotlin app depending on your needs and requirements.

For example, you want to extend a class using the new functionality. So, what is the suitable solution?

Kotlin Android development

In other programming languages, you have to drive a new class, which involves changing codes. But this does not happen in Kotlin. You can use extension functions to increase functionality without any need to change the code.

  • Lazy loading – Another excellent feature of Kotlin is lazy-loading, which ensures faster start-up time. With this feature, developers can reduce their Android app start-up time, and the content of the apps gets displayed faster. Also, it allows developers to load the necessary resources into the main memory.

For instance, if you want to build a retail mobile app, you can set your payment API to lazy-loading. After all, most of your visitors will search your products, so your product pages need to be fast-loading.

  • Minimum crashes at runtime – Unlike other programming languages, Kotlin allows developers to identify the NullPointerException when they compile the project. It makes sure all variables work perfectly as a non-null. Hence, results in a reduction in crashes at runtime.
  • Safety and reliability – If you happened to read the benefits of using Kotlin for mobile app development, you would know that it is safer. It comes with the NullSafe function, which makes it easier for developers to prevent errors like NullPointException. With this function, you can avoid using nullable types, which automatically eliminate any mistakes. Additionally, it helps in simplifying the code for operations and debugging.
  • No-to-low cost of adoption – If you still need a lucrative reason to use Kotlin for your upcoming project, you can count on its no-to-low cost of adoption. When it comes to Kotlin, it is an open-source programming language. So, most features are available for free. Also, you do not have to invest money in obtaining a license. Do not forget it is easier to learn Kotlin than many other programming languages.

Considering the number of people shifting from Java to Kotlin, most people have this question: Will Kotlin surpass Java as an Android app development coding language? If it has crossed your mind too, we would like to take this opportunity to answer this.

  • Will Kotlin outshine Java?

In recent years, the growth rate of Kotlin apps has reached a new horizon. Given the surge in demand for the Kotlin app developers, many Android developers have shifted to Kotlin.

As per Google, nearly 50% of Android app developers build mobile apps with Kotlin. According to the survey by Stack Overflow, Kotlin is the most loved programming language for Android app development across the globe.

The changing stats in Android app development will also impact how Java is used. Kotlin is interoperable with Java and is a modern, faster, and concise language. Hence, the day is not far when it will rule the Android apps. Did we mention Kotlin programming language comes with writing lesser codes than Java?

The bottom line

Undeniably, Kotlin holds the future of Android app development. After all, no one can avoid the flexibility, reliability, and safety associated with Kotlin. Besides this, its ultimate efficiency and affordability are like the cherry on the cake. When you hire Kotlin developers, look for their experience and expertise in the field.

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