Joomla: An Ultimate Choice for Your Website

And another award goes in the name of Joomla. Yes, Joomla has been honored with prestigious People’s Choice award in the Best Free CMS category for the year 2015 leaving other CMS solutions way behind. Curious to know about this award winning Software? As the category name says it all, it’s the content management system which helps manage the website’s content by storing as well as enabling easy editing of the content. Since its creation in 2005 until today, Joomla has evolved to be the most preferred choice for content management. Requiring no technicalities for its implementation, Joomla has offered the most convenient option for its users as well as the website owners to manage their websites. Joomla web designers in India as well abroad have chosen Joomla over others due to the following amazing features that it brings:

Easy installation: Joomla can be easily installed in a single click at many web hosting services and can be made to run in no time.

Easy Social networking: The biggest benefit of Joomla includes Social Networking which has become the biggest platform for marketing your brand nowadays.

SEO oriented: It’s also very important to mention here that special care is given to SEO content which is crucial for your website’s google ranking. It is the SEO content which decides your status of visibility in the pool of websites. Joomla website designs offer search-friendly URLs, META tags and links to fulfil your optimization requirements.

Strong help portal: Joomla website designs offer a strong help portal for putting queries and getting technical support.

No technical requirement to manage: Among various features that make it beneficial for the owners include easy managing and editing of their websites in a very convenient way without any technical requirements. Even if you needs some specific advanced features for your website for instance meteorological data, Joomla web designers provide multiple extensions from the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Customize your website the way you want: Joomla has a lot of plug-ins and themes available, using which you can customize your website’s overall look and make it to function the way you desire.

Clubbed features of other CMS: Professional Joomla web designers in India as well as abroad are huge fans of Joomla as it has combined the useful features of many other established CMS such as WordPress and Drupal.

Less complex: Joomla is a bit more powerful than WordPress and holds advantage over Drupal in terms of less complexity. The less complexity feature has it the designer’s obvious choice.

Other CMS can be migrated to Joomla: In case you make your mind to migrate from your current CMS to Joomla, it is absolutely possible and can be done without any trouble.

It’s thus clear that why this CMS is receiving awards and recognition over others.

Joomla has become a widely accepted CMS and the need for every kind of website. Joomla web designers assist in building different kinds of websites such as blogs, and company websites, especially e-commerce websites. Making your website user friendly is also one of the effective strategy to hold the visitors.

So, for all those small as well big enterprises, who want to have advanced hassle free websites, Joomla is the ultimate choice. If you want to hire affordable and established professional Joomla web designers from India, click here.