iOS App Development Trends You Must Take Note of in 2020

We are already in the second decade of the third millennium, and iOS still ranks as the second most popular operating system throughout the world.

Much like other industries where new trends are popping up now and then, app development is no exception, especially iOS. With more than 4 million iOS apps available today, it becomes necessary for developers to stay abreast of the latest iOS app development trends to utilize the benefits from them.

 You can hire iOS developer in India for the successful implementation of these trends because they are well-versed with the latest trends. This way, you can get an iOS app that is efficient and user-friendly. Let’s have a look at the top trends for iOS App development.


iOS App development trends to look for in 2020


  • Integration of Augmentation Reality and Virtual Reality

Two high-tech arenas, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already crawled into the world of videos, and gaming. When it comes to the integration of AR and VR, it is one of the IoT mobile app development trends that offers advanced working and features. For this reason, many top brands and companies have started to integrate AR and VR with iOS app development to scale up their economies.

Considering the advanced features, most developers believe that the ideas based on the integration of AR and VR will work well in the iOS mobile applications. Thus, iOS developers can build real-time mobile applications using AR and VR technology.

  • Machine learning

 Apple’s CoreML, also known as Core Machine Learning, has gained a lot of popularity among users. It was launched to make intelligent applications across various devices of Apple. Let’s look at some examples. The QuickType, Siri, and the camera are CoreML-integrated highly responsive applications. Although CoreML is still in the development phase, it is expected to make a big hit with numerous opportunities.

  • Swift 5 programming language

 With the release of Swift 5 programming language, the development of an iOS mobile app has reached another level. Apple launched it along with a stable Application Binary Interface and binary compatibility. The development of an iOS app with Swift can offer desirable results. This is why most custom iOS app development companies are focusing on taking advantage of this language for optimal business impact. Thus, Swift libraries will be integrated with all upcoming versions of Wearable OS, iOS, MacOS, and TVOS.

  • Internet of Things

 One of the most prominent iOS app development trends is IoT – Internet of Things. It helps in connectivity, which is why IoT is creating a buzz. It is present in appliances, doorbells, lights, refrigerators, security systems, and more.  Internet connectivity helps users to control their systems from anywhere and at any time. According to a report by Statista, the world can expect to have 31 billion interconnected devices by 2020.

The above-given iOS app development trends in 2020 will iOS app designing and development services in India to the next level. Therefore, make sure the Swift iOS app development you hire are up-to-date with these trends. Are you searching for an experienced iOS app development company? If yes, then your search ends with SoftProdigy.

Summary – Apple is constantly working to make iOS a better platform for businesses as well as users. With so much happening in iOS app development in terms of features and technology, developers need to stay up-to-date with these trends. Learn about these trends.