Instagram Allows Landscape, Portrait Photos and Videos

It feels annoying when white spaces show up in Instagram pictures. This is due to other applications used in order to fit in Instagram’s squaring cropping. Instagram has now allowed iOS and Android users to square photos. To post their landscape or portrait photos and videos, users can now upload them and tap a left located format button that curtails white spaces. Now brilliantly shot pictures and videos will not lose their cinematic feel. Added advantage will be for the photographers who were earlier forced to crop out the lower half of the picture. For others, this change would drastically affect the pre-planning of the picture clicked.

Why was there a need to add the square feature? “The story we’ve heard looked beautiful, and it looked really nice in feed when they were mocking it up,” says Ashley Yuki, the Instagram Product Manager that led today’s change. She also added that user’s complaint there were moments which did not fit into the square and important things would get cropped. But by enabling this feature more creative freedom is given out. The feature’s product designer Christine Choi explains: “You can tell your visual story without having to worry about it fitting perfectly in the app.”

Everything else remains the same including photo and video tag, feedback button, description, and comments. Immaterial of the size, the rest of the information will adjust accordingly. So the users don’t need any other app for squaring their memorable picture though the feature is optional. The introduction of this app would make Instagram even more popular than before. Other apps like Facebook already has this option of accepting wider formats. Now when users will transform their photos from Facebook to Instagram, they won’t be stuck in any awkward situation.