How to Use Facebook Ads for B2B E-commerce in 2022? A Complete Guide

Facebook ads are dead.

That’s not what we are saying. It is one of the most common rumors on the internet. After the rise of Instagram and TikTok, most people think it is the end of Facebook ads. But this type of misconception does not carry much weight.

In reality, Facebook has emerged as a more powerful advertising tool than ever. It boasts around 2.91 billion active users per month. Considering this number, it is clear Facebook is still the most used social media site.

Do you think marketers can afford to lose great opportunities to target this massive userbase? Of course, they will not. That is why there is still a surge in demand for Facebook ads experts in India and other regions. If you need more convincing, we have listed the latest statistics on Facebook ads.

These statistics show that users engage on the platform with the same enthusiasm. Want to take advantage of its extensive user base to grow your e-commerce business? If so, hire a Facebook ads specialist. But reaping fruitful results with Facebook ads is not an easy feat. Therefore, when you hire Facebook ads services, look for experience and expertise.

Moreover, if you are actively promoting your B2B e-commerce store, you would agree there is nothing called enough marketing channels. It means you always need more channels to increase your conversions and sales.

As mentioned above, Facebook has billions of monthly users. It means there is no better platform than this to meet your goals. If you are wondering how to run successful Facebook ads in 2022, here is a guide.

  • An ultimate guide to using Facebook ads for your B2B e-commerce store

We hope you have done the groundwork for understanding your target audience and their needs and pain points. It is time to get into steps to using Facebook ads to boost conversions and sales on your e-commerce store.

  1. A well-written ad creative always wins- The rules and algorithms of Facebook marketing change constantly. But some things never change, like search engines and users prefer beautiful ad creative with a well-written copy. With this, you can convert users into customers efficiently. Below are the tips to consider for making your Facebook ad copy stand out.
    • Write a short and catchy copy to grab your audience’s attention instantly.
    • Whenever possible, do not forget to use relevant emotions to connect with your audience better.
    • Do not forget to add a clear CTA. It will help your audience know what to do next.

    Note:* Try to incorporate your brand voice in your ad copy. The primary purpose is to tell online users why you and your products are the best solutions for their problems.

  2. Create custom audiences- The benefits of using Facebook for marketing are not limited to exceptional targeting abilities. You can use this social media site to build custom audiences.

    In this, you can use external users and target them. These refer to the audience that engaged with your brand other than Facebook. It could be email subscribers, past purchasers, giveaway leads, etc. But what are the benefits of using custom audiences for your Facebook ad?

    Since you have already targeted them, you can ensure proven results with custom audiences.

  3. Leverage lookalike audiences- One of the features of Facebook is it allows you to find new customers using your previous customers’ characteristics. In simple words, you can create lookalike audiences.

    If you target lookalike audiences in your Facebook ad campaign, the result will be fruitful. After all, you have once targeted online users with similar needs and received more conversions. You know what type of strategy works for lookalike audiences. Hence, you can get desired results in no time.

  4. Focus on the abandoned cart- According to Moosend, nearly 70% of online users abandon carts on e-commerce sites. And few (8%) come back to the e-store to complete the purchase.

    Fortunately, Facebook ads can help you target abandoned carts and encourage them to buy products. Remember, they have added the product to the cart because they like it. Thus, you can target them at the right time with the right message. Several reports suggest that it can boost your conversions by 25%.

  5. Promotions and discountsBesides convenience, people shop online because of offers and discounts. You can use the same tactic for your Facebook ad to attract more audiences. At times, e-commerce business owners need to push their target audiences to decide. Promotions and discounts are result-driven tactics.
  6. Use giveaway campaign- Do you know a giveaway campaign can help you obtain lifetime customers? But most people end up wasting their money and time with giveaway contests. The goal of a giveaway ad campaign is not to offer free stuff. But you can use it to:
    • Generate quality leads
    • Bring new customers
    • Gain brand exposure
    • Get social validation

The bottom line

You have the golden ticket to using Facebook ads for your B2B business. With these strategies, you can ensure successful Facebook marketing with more conversions. But trends in the domain come and go regularly. So, make sure you work with a Facebook marketing expert that uses up-to-date knowledge.

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  1. Is it worth investing in Facebook Ads?

    Whether you are a start-up or a well-established enterprise, Facebook ads are crucial to boosting conversions for your e-commerce business. With 2.91 billion monthly active users, you can reach out to your target audiences and convert them.

  2. Which Facebook ad campaign is likely to work well?

    A top-quality Facebook ad copy draws more traffic and conversions. It means any ad copy that is beautifully designed and well-written will be more appreciated. Also, it will meet your business needs and goals.

  3. What are the common e-commerce ad formats for Facebook?

    There are plenty of formats that you can use for a Facebook ad campaign. However, you should choose the one that fulfills all your needs. Some of these ad formats are:

    • Dynamic product ads
    • Video ads
    • Carousel ads
    • Collective ads