How is Instagram helpful for a startup company for fashion accessories?

There are so many different online social media sites and you can get the best out of them when you know how to make use of them for important things like marketing for business. Digital marketing has been going through a revolution these days, and there are so many things which you can do when you have the aid of digital marketing at hand. It is innovative and is evolving from day to day.

The Instagram users can make much profit from various modes of marketing and business that are prevalent on Instagram. Here we are going to guide you with a variety of marketing techniques associated with Instagram and how you can use them for building up your startup business through this social media platform. The key to a successful startup business with the help of the Instagram application is right strategy and knowing how to attract more and more followers on your page. Also, linking your other social media pages to your Instagram account can help you gain further followers and prospective clients too.

A Business Page

Instagram profiles are like pages where you can upload your favorite images. There is a bio section, which is limited to 500 characters. You can tag people in the pictures, follow other people’s profile, and if needed, you can directly message another Instagram profile but that is all that you can do here. While the features are quite limited as compared to various other social media platforms, these features are beneficial if you plan to run an online store.

The first and foremost thing you can do is creating a business page for your startup.

Select a name that is easy to remember and yet relevant to your business and put it up as the profile name. For the profile icon, design a brand logo to create your unique style. Then add the images of the items that you have for sale with a proper caption and details, which are essential for your prospective clients.

Add information about your store and what to expect from your collection, in the bio and follow the friends and family you have on your profile. It is more than likely that most of them would follow back and this would help you build the primary platform of followers.

Communicate With Your Followers

It is imperative to actively interact with your followers who are commenting on the photos and showing interest about the products that you have for sale. When you have an active communication with your followers, you can easily ensure that they keep coming back to you. A business page that replies abruptly and as soon as possible is always appreciated by the prospective clients. Also, link your Instagram to Facebook and leave the link there as well so that your friends and followers on Facebook can visit your Instagram page and place their orders. Add your email address and other necessary communication details where the clients can get in touch with you regarding the order they wish to place.

Commenting and Hashtags

There are different hashtags that you should add to your images so that they are easily discoverable online. The hashtags should be relevant, and with the right hashtags, you can ensure that your page is discoverable to your prospective clients.

The Instagram followers who are following your profile are your potential customers and people who search for online Instagram stores using relevant hashtags may also be interested in following you. Reply to the comments on your pictures, individually addressing the needs of your clients who have asked you something about some of the items on your page. Also, leave relevant comments on the pages of prospective customers. They are likely to click the link on your name and check out your page and if they like what they see, they would follow you.

Image Quality and Filters

It is always safe to avoid filters of any kind, particularly if you are dealing in fashion accessories and clothing, to ensure that your clients get the best idea of the color and fit from the images that you have put up. The image quality and product photography also matters. You should ensure that you choose the right type of images for your page that are of high quality. If possible, take good shots of the products individually, with a good camera in good lighting and then put them up on your page.

Discounts and Offers

An excellent way to attract prospective clients is to apply different offers and discounts on your products. If you are new to the world of online business and do not have many followers yet, this is a good way by which you can attract prospective clients.

When they are rendered satisfied with your service and give a good review, you can put up the screenshots of whatever they have to say about your business on your page which would, in turn, help other clients feel that you are reliable enough.

The different types of products that you sell, should be unique so that more and more people are interested in the items you have to offer them. Unless they are unique and something that is not easily available, the prospective clients might not always be interested in shopping with you.

To ensure that your business is successful, you can easily resort to these business strategies and quickly get success in the work.