How to Hire Top-Notch Node JS Developers?

Do you want to hire a nodeJS developers for your upcoming project? If yes, then you are on the right page.

The process is thorny and tedious, as countless programmers offer NodeJs services. And choosing one is a real challenge. With this post, we want to make the entire process hassle-free.

But why does one need a plan to hire a Node developer? It is to pick the best in the industry. A developer is the backbone of a development project. That means the success or failure of the project depends on your choice.

For example, a reliable developer can help you build a robust web application while meeting your needs. On the other hand, a wrong choice can sabotage your company’s reputation with an inappropriate product.

For this reason, you need diligent planning. We will explain the dos and don’ts of hiring a NodeJs developer. But first, learn what Nodejs is and the skills professionals need to possess.

What is NodeJs?

NodeJs is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment, and it runs on the V8 engine. Since its inception, the technology has been growing in popularity. Both start-ups and well-established enterprises choose NodeJs over other online solutions.
It offers numerous benefits but is known for building real-time data-streaming applications. With many benefits of NodeJs, it is clear why companies like Netflix, NASA, PayPal, Trello, Uber, and LinkedIn use NodeJs. Here are some statistics that approve of the popularity of NodeJs.

  • On GitHub, NodeJs boasts 87.5k stars, 23.4k forks, and 2.9k views.
  • On Stack Share, NodeJs has 117.6K followers and 8.4k votes.
  • According to a 2020 survey by StackOverflow, NodeJs acquired the top position.

On that note, let us move on to the point. If you want to build a successful project like many businesses, look for the skills mentioned below. These show the proficiency of your developer.

Skills your NodeJs Developer Needs to Possess

Whether you want to hire an on-site or a freelance node js development services, looking for the right skills is the key. Let us see what you need to look for:

Node JS Developer Skills

Expertise in API communication and RESTful APIs – RESTful APIs play a vital role in modern web app development. The paradigm has moved from desktop to web. Additionally, NodeJs helps carry out communication between a server and a client. RESTful APIs ensure hassle-free communication.

Databases – NodeJs helps you build scalable web applications. But your developer must know database management systems and data storage systems. NodeJs works well with non-relational databases like MongoDB and CouchDB. No wonder why full-stack developers use NodeJs and MongoDB for building applications.

Error handling process – Another technical skill a NodeJs developer needs is the error handling process. So, your potential should have a good grip on this process. Since it depends on event-based programming, it requires the implementation of the error function to handle errors.

Asynchronous programming – Thanks to asynchronous programming, NodeJs allows developers to handle more requests in less time. Asynchronous O/I can process two or more functions at a time, which makes NodeJs developers more productive.

Workflow Automation – NodeJs has npm (node package manager) like Grunt or Gulp that ensures faster and more efficient web applications. Today, it is vital that your application runs efficiently. For this reason, your prospective developer should have advanced knowledge in automating the workflow.

In addition to technical proficiency, your developer should have communication skills, teamwork, analytical skills, time management, etc.

These skills should be your primary consideration when you hire a NodeJs programmer. But the final decision should base on these dos and don’ts. Here, we are going to have a look at these.

Hiring a NodeJs Development Services: Dos and don’t to keep in mind

Dos for hiring a NodeJs Developer

Look for debugging capability – You want a bug and error-free web app product, right? For this reason, your must be able to debug the app during and after its development.

Test data flow understanding – Your potential NodeJs developer should be thorough with the data flow. It has two types of threads such as Event Loop and k Workers. The former handles JavaScript callbacks and non-blocking I/O, whereas the latter carries out tasks related to C++ code.

Check if they have hands-on experience – Experience matters the most. The more the experience, the better it is. It implies that the professional has the expertise and skills to turn any idea into reality. Also, they will be well-versed with the latest updates and improvements in the field. So, your candidate must have relevant experience.

Look for backend and front-end programming know-how – Front-end development is also referred to as client-side development. It focuses on building the user interfaces that people use to interact with websites. Your prospective NodeJs developer should know CSS, HTML, and JavaScript libraries. Besides this, they should know how to work backend development aspects.

Check if they have a deeper understanding of security procedures – Whether business owners or online users, security is the top priority. After all, the number of online malware and data breaching has increased significantly. So, your developers should incorporate security procedures when developing a web application.

Look for in-depth knowledge – It makes no sense to hire a NodeJs developer that does not have good knowledge of the technology. They will not be able to cater to your project needs and requirements. If you want to create a robust application, look for a developer with an in-depth understanding of NodeJs and related tools and techniques.

Don’t of hiring a NodeJs developer

Don’t choose professionals with Insufficient skills and experience – Many people hire NodeJs programmers without checking their skills and background. This is because the services are available at a lower price. But they end up losing more money, along with precious time. Also, these amateur developers cut and copy from npm without proper skills. The end result will be sabotaging.

Don’t hire based on Google search – It is the biggest mistake one could make when looking for a NodeJs developer. Search engines are the best way to get answers to all your queries. But it is not necessary that the top-ranking agencies or developers are suitable for you.

Therefore, never hire a developer based on Google search only. It is advisable to short-list the top-ranking developers and compare and analyze before deciding.

Don’t hire based on price only – Another blunder you can make is hiring a developer considering only the price. Everyone wants to save money. But it should not cause more problems later. When someone offers services at a low cost, do not forget to consider other factors. If everything looks great, go ahead.

The crux

Hiring an ideal NodeJs developer for your project is a daunting task. But if you know what you are looking for, you can hire the perfect match in no time. So, when you hire a NodeJs developer next time, consider these skills and dos and don’t.

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What are the responsibilities of a NodeJs developer?

The primary responsibility of a NodeJs developer is deploying and maintaining network applications. Besides this, they have to develop backend components, handle data exchanges between servers and users, and support front-end development.

Are NodeJs developers in demand?

NodeJs is an open-source JavaScript technology, so it is free to download. Plus, it helps developers to create fast, real-time, and high-performing applications. Given these benefits, most enterprises hire NodeJs developers.

How much does it cost to hire a NodeJs developer?

Generally, the cost of hiring a NodeJs developer is based on various factors. But on an average, the expenses can fall between $12,000 and $150,000. If you want to save some dollars, hire a developer on an hourly basis.