He Who Never Made a Mistake Never Made a Discovery

How often have you made a mistake while performing a task you mastered? When did you fall during walking down the lane? Did you recently stab the fork in your face while eating? Gradually, over the years we have mastered these skills and hardly make mistakes while performing these tasks. It is obvious that if you are doing the thing you have mastered, you will rarely make mistakes. But that would make your life too boring, isn’t it? We always learn something new when we make mistakes.

With each mistake that you make, you discover more about yourself and about who you are, your limits, potential, capabilities and what you can do and what not. Mistakes make you more compassionate as well as tolerant with yourself and also with others. You can learn from your mistakes, as soon as you take them as lessons and not mistakes, you will never have a fear of facing them throughout your life. The biggest lesson learned is forgiveness because with every mistake that you make, you inevitably learn how crucial it is to forgive yourself and to others too. You a will realize you aren’t perfect and perfection doesn’t exist in this world. Who wants to be perfect? Being perfect doesn’t leave any room for improvement.

Life is not about making mistakes, it is rather about embracing the thought that your mistakes will always come your way and willing to learn from them. Forget all your fears and experience life. Believe if you play safe you will have regrets about all the things you didn’t do and will regret that you didn’t make more mistakes because a mistake helps you grow and gain confidence. Everything that we are exposed to in our life presents a valuable lesson. Not only do you learn from the mistakes you make but also from the experiences that surround you. At times, these turn to be meaningful lessons as it helps you to observe others from an objective standpoint.

You must have heard about Thomas Edison. He failed 10,000 times during the discovery of the light bulb but in the end he succeeded. So the greatest discovers also made mistakes but they never lost hope. When you have an aim nothing can ever stop you from moving forward and achieving your dream.

Well, mistakes are a part of life so when you make one, the sky won’t fall down and the world won’t stop. So learn and grow from the mistakes you made as life is too short to keep regretting things.