Gutenberg WordPress Editor: Everything You Need to Know

Without a second thought, WordPress is the leading website development platform we have today. Since its inception, the platform has undergone several transformations to ensure the best experience for developers and users.

WordPress development service providers and experts in the field have accepted each update with great enthusiasm. But WordPress 5.0, Bebo, has caught the attention of many because of Gutenberg. It is a WordPress editor or WordPress block editor, which is an integral part of WordPress.

If you still edit your pages and posts manually, using Classic WordPress editor, it’s time to switch to Gutenberg WordPress editor. Gutenberg is more versatile and flexible. Before you hire a WordPress developer in India for assistance in this regard, here are some essential things you must know about Gutenberg. Let us first understand its basics.

  1. What is Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

The Gutenberg WordPress editor, also known as the WordPress block editor, is nothing but a new page builder in WordPress 5.0+. Its primary function is to ensure up-to-date WordPress websites have content blocks and page builder-like functionality.

The WordPress classic editor had TinyMCE as the default content editor, now replaced by Gutenberg. In this content editor, the content gets added in individual “blocks.” As a result, users can create content and manage pages with ease. Gutenberg editor covers everything, such as paragraphs, headings, images, lists, galleries, etc.

So, you have the basic understanding of Gutenberg WordPress editor and how it works. It is time to unveil some fascinating things about this revolutionized content editor.

  1. Some interesting facts to know about Gutenberg WordPress editor
  • It was a separate plugin in the beginning Before becoming an essential part of WordPress core, Gutenberg was an individual plugin. Thus, users already knew how it helps create and edit content in WordPress. So, they accepted it readily once rolled into the core version of CMS.

Today, it is very much active and releases weekly updates. When it comes to new releases, the Gutenberg plugin is several versions more advanced than core WordPress. It means you can access the latest features of the WordPress block editor before their introduction to WordPress core.

  • Gutenberg is not just a content editor –You can manage the website’s layout using a single console. Are you wondering how? It is because Gutenberg enables users to manage content in well-organized blocks. For this, you neither require to write the shortcodes nor be proficient in using HTML.

WordPress websites with 5.0+ versions come with an updated version of WordPress editor – Gutenberg. It brings excellent features, such as page builder plugins and DIY platforms. In addition to this, the editor helps you control multi-column layouts via a single interface.

  • Gutenberg is compatible with all WordPress versionsIf you use the older versions of WordPress, like 4.9 or earlier, you can also leverage Gutenberg editor. Regardless of the WordPress version, Gutenberg remains a WordPress Plugin, and it is available in the repository for all users.

In some cases, developers are not comfortable using the latest versions of WordPress. Thus, they can install the Gutenberg plugin into their existing WordPress website without changing its core functionality. Follow these steps to add Gutenberg to your WordPress version site.

  • Download the Gutenberg Plugin from the WordPress directory.
    • Once installed, you do not have to do anything because it will get updated automatically every week.
  • Gutenberg as a visual editor is a boon to developers – You are well-familiar with the general functionality of Gutenberg editor. But it is an asset to both developers and users because it offers a convenient way to add and edit content. That’s not all about it. There is a lot more Gutenberg has to offer.

Another feature of this WordPress editor that makes it a preferred choice is visual editing ability. It has a WYSIWYG Editing interface that allows users to see how their website layout will look once published.

Those days are left behind when users were required to save the content layout preview to ensure it looks perfect. Now, Gutenberg offers developers a distraction-free editing zone so that they can edit what they see on the screen. Plus, the visual editing helps old-school developers to get used to Gutenberg without facing challenges. 

  • Developers can hide the Gutenberg The Gutenberg comes as a default editor for WordPress 5.0+ version. But if the developers want, they can disable it and access the WordPress classic editor.

Besides this, the content developed using classic or standard editor can be edited in Gutenberg with ease. The same thing applies to the content you create in Gutenberg.

  • It has a better copy and paste process Developers have faced several instances of losing formatting while pasting the content to the platform. It usually happens if they use a classic editor to edit the content. The content does not get pasted in the original format if they copy it from other platforms, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Thanks to Gutenberg’s updated copy and paste process and changes in the format, we can maintain the content format. It means regardless of the platform you are copying the content from, Gutenberg allows you to paste it in the same form.

  • It comes with plenty of handy shortcuts – The availability of numerous shortcuts is another way Gutenberg improves your content editing process. However, to make the best use of this, your potential WordPress website development company in India should know how to access it rightfully.

Hopefully, now you know how Gutenberg editor can significantly enhance your workflow when developing and editing content. While it is pretty easy to incorporate the Gutenberg Plugin into your existing WordPress website, you can always hire professionals to do this for you.

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