Google Introduces Call-Only Campaigns for AdWords

With a more useful and revenue generating advantage for businesses who try to reach customers online, Google has come forth launching a new call-only campaign for AdWords. The move will allow businesses to target customers by sharing the business description and contact number along with a prompt call button on the page that shows the search results.

In the fast paced world of today, people are literally living their lives online looking for products and services through their mobiles. With that trend, this provision had, more or less, become important by now. “70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.” Says Amit Agarwal, the AdWords product manager at Google. In that regard, a BrightLocal research has also confirmed that for small to midsize businesses, phone calls tend to be the success metric they are most interested in.

If practically observed, the only call-to-action (CTA) that actually helps a customer reach the searched business instantly is a phone number. The prospective customer cannot access the advertiser via the ad. To bridge that gap, the call-only campaigns have been introduced by Google for mobile devices that can make phone calls. All that a customer really needs to do is look for a business online and click to call. For businesses, it is expected to be quite beneficial as each click they pay for could result in a phone call to their business.

As Google predicts, this initiative is going to be great for advertisers who only look for calls as their leads. The move is particularly lucrative at this point of time because people are increasingly using their mobiles for online searches and are able to make calls directly to the advertiser. Google has suggested that businesses customize their advertisements for calls using language like “speak to a specialist today” or “call to make an appointment”.