Get Ready to Shift from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi Technology

Technology might take a leap while it shifts from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi. Surprisingly, according to a scientist the speed can upsurge up to 1Gbps in the real-world i.e. 100 times faster than average Wi-Fi speed. With this speed, anyone can download an HD movie within seconds.

Velmenni Company told IBM UK that the technology was taken out of the labs into the real world offices as well as the industrial environment in Estonia where those speeds became achievable. Li-Fi transmits data with the help of LED lights that constantly flicker within nanoseconds unnoticeable to the human eye. Unknowingly, this technology was earlier invented in 2011 and has the capability to reach up to a limit of 224Gbps when tested in the lab.

Unlike Wi-Fi signals that readily penetrate through walls, Li-Fi cannot. Due to this, the range is theoretically more limited. However, Li-Fi is more secure due to this feature of external sniffing. Smart home applications will benefit with Li-Fi technology. Furthermore, LED light bulbs will offer two functions first is to light up the room and second to build a network in your house for devices to talk to each other.

Velmenni isn’t the only budding organization to introduce such technology, several others like Oledcomm and pureLiFi, have already sprung up to bring Li-Fi customers. Both these organizations offer kits to install Li-Fi networks in office and home. Pure Li-Fi has claimed a speed of 10Mbps with the present offering.