Get Notified with the New Email and SMS Notification Magento Extension

Magento is an outstanding ecommerce platform that has inevitably revolutionized online shopping experience. Magento is suggested to every ecommerce customer who wants to do something huge in the world of online business. Magento Shopping carts are absolutely flexible in the online e-commerce world. It helps to run multiple stores and administering the same is easy. The customization is quick and simple and it also improves the online website visibility.

Magento is unable to notify the customers regarding updates and other important store events. Therefore, SoftProdigy has launched Email and SMS Notification Magento Extension. This extension notifies its customers regarding the new products that have been released. It also tells them regarding their order place and the respective delivery. Certain incorporates features important features that are helpful for the online retail merchants. It has quick installation and handling is also quite easy. SMS and mail can be sent to multiple clients on their respective number and email addresses. The extension has a user friendly interface and the templates are customizable.

This extension will provide the following features:

Email Notification

  • SMS with Twilio api
  • SMS to customers when order is placed, shipped and completed.
  • From backend enables/disables and manages template.
  • Sends SMS to any number and any customer
  • Bulk SMS to multiple customers

Email Notification

  • Mail to any email id
  • Mail to any customer
  • Mail to multiple or all customers

With the help of this information the instant information provided to the customers will be helpful for the customers and will enhance the sales of the online merchants as well.