Facebook Experimenting with New Video Features for Pages

Facebook, in its quest for effective content distribution, has been experimenting with the new Featured Video feature that it is soon going to launch for its pages. The company realized the need for such a feature as it felt that business pages were not getting their due attention on the website. The updates from pages was getting quieted down in the news feeds of people. The company wanted that businesses should build their pages more on the lines of TV channels than newspapers that contain mundane posts and information. The video section can be built to contain interesting videos from the business. The tentative design of the video section includes a main video and other video suggestions under it.

The business can choose a main video to be used as the featured video for their page. The featured video is displayed in an extra-large size with a live comment feed atop the page. The playlist of other videos is added below the featured video. This makes the video tab of the page look a lot like a YouTube Channel. ABC News Page is one of the first businesses to experiment with the new Featured Videos Section and Facebook has confirmed that it is testing the format with a handful of Pages. The plan is to roll out the feature for all Pages in next few weeks.

Facebook has been coming up with new and advanced features for business pages in order to help them improve their organic reach. The company seems to be catering more to the needs of businesses at the dawn of the New Year.