Facebook Allows Shopping Directly from Retailer’s Pages

Now there is no need to click on the like button when you want to buy a product. Facebook is planning to launch a shop button instead. Mark Zuckerberg and his company are testing a small e-commerce website that is in the Facebook pages of retailers.

While the feature is currently under the testing phase, the idea is to shop within Facebook. The “Shop Now” button will allow its customers to buy the product they like on the spot. You will remain with Facebook throughout your purchase from choosing the product to completion at checkout. Though, it is still not clear how an audience will react to this new feature and how it will change their shopping experience. Some feel it might look browsing a gallery of photographs. According to a report, Facebook has started working with many retailers to test the stores and the new feature.

Well, Facebook isn’t ready to skim off a cut of proceeds for itself. The company history has always revealed that it releases unexpected and unique features that are always in the favor of its customers. It has also rolled out products with favorable terms for business and boost business. Retailers obviously would enter into such schemes with their eyes open knowing that Facebook can change its feature later.

One can also say that the new initiative is to retail as fresh articles are to the news: grab functionality from all the other sectors and pin in on Facebook. Though this will surely make a good impact on the company but it is surprising for the customers as to how it will benefit them in the long run.

Earlier, Facebook had to undergo a trouble of making cash flow through its Messenger App. So, this is not the first attempt where Facebook has come up with something new but it has always opened its doors for new features.