Facebook Advertising: Entering the World of Social Media Marketing

If you own a business and still haven’t considered using social media for the marketing of your business, you’re already behind. Businesses are using social media marketing like anything. With so many options available like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you have a number of options.

Also, with the emergence of the blockchain, some other social media platform for blockchain- steem, like SteemIt are extensively used for business marketing.

Now, the most widely used social media platform for marketing is Facebook. Let’s see how you can use Facebook for effective advertising and make it your perfect marketing tool.

Facebook Advertising

More than 2 billion users are actively using Facebook and among them, you can easily find your target audience and generate the high-quality leads. All you need to do is sketch the right strategy and plan a failsafe Facebook ad campaign.

If you don’t have any idea about how to use Facebook for advertising, you can seek help from a qualified Facebook marketing specialist. The experts know different types of ads, create them, and launch them to get the required results.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that Facebook ads involve your money. So, a careful analysis of your audience and creation of the right ad copy are a must.

The next step is to select the type of Facebook ad format. Here are the different types and how you can make them more effective:

Collection/Instant Experience Ads

Facebook Collection ads are a new and improved version of Canvas ads by Facebook. This ad format aims at providing a smooth and fast experience to users starting right from discovering the product down to purchasing it. Hire Facebook advertising expert to design and launch collection ads for your business.

The ad format is in the form of a grid. It contains a primary video or image of the products that are accompanied by four other smaller images. When the user clicks on the images or videos, they are taken to the products through fast-loading pages. The users don’t have to leave Facebook or Instagram to browse the products through these ads.

Collection ads are powered by the Facebook Instant Experience and this is why they are also called Instant Experience ads.

Photo Ads

The simplest type of Facebook ads are the Photo ads or Image Card ads. These are the ads that show one simple image of the product or service and provide a link to redirect the users to the desired page.

You can use these ads to boost traffic to your website, to generate leads, to sell products, or simply to provide knowledge about your business. These ads are the easiest to design and launch and the photo ad campaigns can be set in very less time.

So, if you have limited time – go for photo ads! If you’re not social media savvy, you can set these ads with the help of a Facebook marketing specialist India.

Video Ads

If content is the king, videos are now the king of content! With the social media surging with small videos, YouTube video snippets, old Vine videos, and more, users love video content more than anything!

Videos are the best form of entertainment people use on the social media and grab the most attention. This is why, video ads are the best way to target your audience, grab their attention, and induce them to take an action.

Hire Facebook Advertising Experts To Increase Sales With Facebook Ads in Facebook Marketplace

A Facebook video ad can vary from a gif to a long video. You can create different types of Facebook video ads like ads for Instagram stories, streaming short videos, vertical videos, etc.

This type of ads is the best way to grab the attention of your users and keep them hooked. A Facebook marketing specialist can help you create, design, and launch quality video ads.

Another similar type of Facebook ads is Slideshow ads. These are video-like ads that use a slideshow of pictures in place of a video. Along with that, music and text can be used in the ad copy.

Carousel Ads

With this type of Facebook ad format, you can showcase multiple product images or videos in one single ad. It is best-suited for e-commerce businesses and is widely used for the same.

The format is in the form of a carousel slider and can contain up to ten images or videos. Each image or video has its own link which makes it easy for you to redirect users to the product or web page. The details about each product can also be written on each card in the carousel.

This type of Facebook ads is a bit complex and needs help from Facebook marketing specialist India for a failsafe execution.

Messenger Ads

This is the smartest version of Facebook ads. Under the Messenger ads, you get to reach the customers directly in their inbox, which helps them take a quick action help you get a quick response. A Facebook marketing specialist can help you set responsive messenger ad copies and run a campaign for the same.

There are two types of messenger ads – Click-to-Messenger ads and Sponsored Messages. In the former, you can simply target your audience that is most likely to respond to your messages. On the other hand, sponsored messages are the messages that you can send in the chats already going on in your inbox.

Both these ads induce quick action and are an effective method to market new launch or a new offer.

Stories Ads

With the introduction of stories to Instagram and now Facebook too, people are using them extensively. They are used by them to share their check-ins, celebrations, images, and even live videos.

The popularity of stories among people is the best thing for businesses. This is why Facebook Stories Ads came into being. Businesses can now sell their products and services on stories adds in an interactive manner.

The boomerangs, stickers, stylish fonts, check-ins, product links, and hashtags make them more interactive and interesting for the target audience.

With so many Facebook ads available for businesses, you can pick any as per your business, budget, and target audience. If you’re having a tough time deciding which one to pick, get in touch with a Facebook marketing specialist India.