Expert Tips from Google Adwords Specialists for Better Ad Optimization Scores

Google ads outshine all other advertising methods for various reasons. But the most one is Google massive reach. Also, these paid ads are pocket-friendly. So, it is no wonder why there is a surge in demand for Google Ads experts.

If you want your ads to perform at their best, you need to work on your Optimization Score.

But what is an Optimization Score?

Google Ads added a new metric in 2018, Optimization Score. Businesses and Google Adwords specialists can access it from the Recommendations page of the Google Ad account. It allows them to determine how their Google Ads account will perform. The score varies from 0 to 100%, depending on the performance.

For example, if the Optimization Score is 100%, the account is high-performing.

Thus, to make your Google Ad account work at its best, you need to improve your Optimization Score. Our certified Google AdWords experts will later explain the tips that help you boost this score. But you need to understand the importance of working on the Optimization Score in the first place.

Why do Google Adwords specialists need to improve their Optimization Score?

The Optimization Score is nothing but the estimate of how well you have optimized your Google Ads campaigns. That said, AdWords professionals can use this score to determine whether the campaigns resonate with Google standards or not.

Initially, the metric did not impress all advertisers about abiding. But Google is an ever-evolving platform. So, you can accept or dismiss recommendations as per your needs.

Today, the Optimization Score serves as a tool that offers advanced features to enterprises and Google Adwords specialists. It suggests relevant improvements for keywords, bidding, and ad copies. As a result, you can make the most of your investment by increasing the efficiency and overall performance of your Google Ad campaigns.

Several factors play a role in improving your Optimization Score. Also, you can get your hands on numerous tools that help you boost your score. But we will explain how certified Google AdWords experts use Optmyzr to enhance Optimization Score.

Using Optmyzr to improve Optimization Store: A complete guide

We know that the account managers go through several recommendations of Google. After this, they take action. But Optmyzr is a boon that helps you monitor and optimize various aspects of your Google Ad account. In turn, it results in a better Optimization Score and boosts your business growth.

1. Tracking performance metrics

If you want to drive excellent results for your business, tracking performance metrics is a must. Thanks to Optmyzr, you can create alerts for your ad campaign, label, account, and bidding strategy. It helps you keep tabs on important performance metrics. Most Google Ads experts use this software because it notifies whether your ad performs well or not.

For instance, your ad campaign goes in the wrong direction. In this case, you can take proactive actions and make changes accordingly.

2. Eliminating redundant keywords

Do you know what will happen if there are redundant keywords in the same account? They will start competing against each other, which will divide the traffic. Fortunately, Optmyzr has a tool Keyword De-Duper. It enables Google AdWords experts to find duplicate keywords. These refer to keywords targeting the same network and are of the same type. Once they identify the redundant keywords, the next step is to keep the ones that perform well. It automatically removes the rest.

3. Auditing ad extensions, conversion trackers, and conflicting negatives

Remember, your Optimization Score depends on the basic health checks of your account. For this reason, Google Ads experts advise monitoring the following aspects.

  • Negative keywords should not conflict with their positive counterparts. If so, you need to remove them because they affect the number of impressions on your ad.
  • Google Ads has a range of ad extensions that helps you boost the visibility of your ads. Therefore, choose the right ad extension and make your ad stand out from the crowd. We understand making a decision is not as easy as it seems. So, you can seek assistance from AdWords professionals.
  • Lastly, make sure you are tracking your conversions accurately.

With Optmyzr, you can get your hands on PPC Policy and Audits tool that allows AdWords experts to perform quick audits. As a result, it automates the monitoring of these things.

4. Automating the creation of a customer match list

If your potential customers encounter your ads when deciding to purchase, the chances of conversions are higher. You need a tool that helps you run target ads using data your potential customers have shared already.

Most Google Ads experts prefer the Customer Match List tool by Optmyzr. It ensures automated creation and refreshing of the customer match list. It helps you run engaging and personalized ad campaigns to reach the target audience across all Google products.

In closing

These are some ways you can use Optmyzr tools and improve your Optimization Score. It further lets you determine whether your ad campaign matches Google standards or not. Based on the result, you can make improvements and ensure successful Google Ads.

But using Optmyzr is tricky. Therefore, hire one of the best Google AdWords experts with the necessary skills and experience.

If you are searching for reliable Google Adwords specialists, contact SoftProdigy. We have a team of experienced Google ad specialists.


What does lower Optimization Score mean?

Usually, the Optimization Score range from 0% to 100%. The lower the score means you need more potential opportunities to use new features and functionalities. As a result, it will boost your Google ad account performance.

What factors you need to consider to calculating Optimization Score?

You can calculate your Optimization Score based on various factors of your Google account. These are:

  • Settings
  • Statistics
  • Status of your campaigns
  • Recent recommendations history