Express.JS Features that Make it the Best Choice for Web Application Development

Express.JS is a free, fast, and lightweight open-source framework that is majorly used for web application development. It is a minimalist and extensible web framework built for the Node.js ecosystem. It provides all the features that are essential in web application without overshadowing the Node.JS features.

Since Express.js app development services only require JavaScript, it becomes easier for programmers and developers to build web applications and API without any effort.

Express.JS is a framework of Node.JS, which implies that most of the code required by programmers to work with is already written for them. It enables you to create a web server that is readable, flexible, and maintainable than that created using only Node HTTP library.

In contrast to the Node HTTP library, Express.JS library is not verbose or complicated. Express.JS can be used to construct single page, multi-page, or even hybrid web applications. Owing to its lightweight construct, it can be used to organize web applications on the server-side into a more organized MVC architecture. Express.JS development services are able to give a lot of functionality with very little code. 

Express.JS is a part of the JavaScript based technology called MEAN software stack which stands for MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, and Node.JS. It constitutes the backend part of MEAN and manages routing, sessions, HTTP requests, error handling, etc. The complete knowledge of JavaScript and HTML is essential to be able to use Express.JS.

Need for Express.JS

Express.JS helps bypass the need for writing the code to build a routing component which is a time consuming and tedious task. Express.js offers simplicity, flexibility, efficiency, minimalism, and scalability to the applications. It also provides the advantage of powerful performance as it is a framework of Node.js.

Express.JS development services can effectively reduce the coding time as well as effort required by half and still build efficient web applications. It can be used by even beginners with basic knowledge of JavaScript to develop web applications. JavaScript is easy to learn for anyone – even if they do not have a prior programming background.

With the trend of real-time web apps and services catching on, Node.JS is the best solution to build such applications as it is designed exclusively to support real time applications. Also, since Express.JS is an open-source and free web application with numerous beneficial features, it helps young businesses save money on building the app.

Features of Express.JS

Express.JS has a number of excellent features that makes it stand out and be the framework of choice for young entrepreneurs as well as seasoned businessmen. These features include:

The Best Express.JS Features for Web App Development

1. Faster Server-Side Development

Express.JS includes a large number of commonly used features present in Node.JS in the form of functions. These functions can be readily employed for specific roles anywhere in the program. This step removes the need to code for several hours for common roles, and thus helps a business save precious time when developing an app. Time to market is an essence for any business and reducing time spent in coding can go a long way in allowing businesses to launch their product faster.

2. Middleware

Middleware is a part of the program that has access to the database, client request, and the other forms of middleware. It plays a huge role in management of functions of the app. It is mainly responsible for the systematic organization of different functions of Express.JS.

3. Routing

Express.JS provides a highly advanced routing mechanism which helps to preserve the state of the webpage with the help of their URLs.

4. Templating

Express.JS provides templating engines that allow the developers to build dynamic content on the web pages by building HTML templates on the server-side.

5. Debugging

Debugging is crucial for the successful development of any web application. Express.JS makes the tedious process of debugging easier by providing a simple inbuilt debugging mechanism. This mechanism has the ability to pinpoint the exact part of the web application which has bugs.

Express.JS is a popular tool among web app developers as it provides several unique benefits. It is easy to learn or find a developer who can work on it as most front-end users are already familiar with JavaScript. Backend development is made much easier for front-end developers by using Express.JS. In fact, a web developer can easily use JavaScript as a single language for both front-end as well as back-end development.

There is no need for the developer to specially learn a new language for server-side development. The JavaScript code is interpreted by the Node.JS framework through Google V8 JavaScript Engine. This enables the code to be implemented quickly and in an easy and effective manner.

The most important feature of Express.JS that draws crowds towards it is the fact that it is extremely simple to customize and use as per the business needs. It offers a flexible middleware module which can be used to do extra tasks on response and on request. All these features together make Express.JS development service the most sought after among business owners.

Summary: Express.JS offers a host of features that are extremely useful and hard to come by in other framework options. These features make Express.JS an excellent choice for entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners to base their web app development on.