Easy Solutions to 7 Website Development Mistakes by Drupal Developers

Drupal is a globally popular open source content management system. It is a powerful open source software coded using PHP language programming for effective development of frameworks needed to enhance the overall functionality/performance of your website. It is available for everyone to download in free. Most of the renowned, high trafficking and the busiest websites of the world have been developed using drupal development services. The websites of Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, World Fuel Services Corporation, eBay, Time Warmers INC. and Qualcomm Incorporated are the best examples of it.

Sometimes, Drupal developers can commit serious mistakes during the developmental phase of a website. However, here’re some solutions to 7 serious mistakes committed by Drupal developers during the developmental phase:

  • 1. Poor Content Architecture:

Content is definitely the most important part of any CMS. Beginning the developmental phase of any website without understanding the content requirement is a lethal mistake committed by any Drupal developer. This mistake by Drupal developers results in missing/misconfiguration of content types. This is why it becomes very important for all of the Drupal developers to make sure they understand the content requirements before starting to develop any website.

Suggested Solution:

Heavily practiced and the best Drupal development service providers strongly advise the reuse and standardization of content types and fields to avoid this mistake.

  • 2. Incorrect Installation and Folder Structure:

This is another serious mistake committed by inexperienced Drupal developers. Installation of modules and themes in the correct directories helps in the process of upgrading to the latest version and makes debugging a cakewalk.

Suggested Solution:

Our Drupal website development experts don’t advice the installation of custom modules on the root level.

  • 3. No Version Control Systems:

Not having a VCS in place is also a serious mistake by Drupal developers. Version Control System (VCS) is very critical for any Drupal project. It plays an important role to help maintain the complete history of developmental phase. VCS also allows developers to keep track of all sorts of modifications.

Suggested Solution:

  • Have a compatible VCS in place
  • Our practiced Drupal professionals don’t recommend occasional backup through file copy.
  • 4. Installation of Incorrect module:

This is the most lethal mistake committed by any new or even experienced Drupal developer. Installation of incorrect modules makes the website subject to instability.

 Suggested Solution:

  • Check module instructions and make sure it is supported.
  • Also check modules for it for caveats.
  • Most importantly, understand all sorts of relevant instructions before installing, specifically in case of modules that are in beta or alpha states. This will help avoid instability in the website.
  • 5. Spam Control:

A new or inexperienced developers may not be capable of controlling the spam. Moreover, they can leave the website open for all. This serious mistake by any Drupal developer can quickly flood the website with spam comments or content.

Suggested Solution:

  • Hire a Drupal developer who has a lot of experience to control spam.
  • Make sure your Drupal developers keep the website consistently moderated and regulated.
  • 6. Too Many Modules:

At times, new or even experienced Drupal developers can forget to disable or uninstall all of the unused modules. Such unnecessary modules decrease the performance of website.

Suggested Solution:

We, being the best Drupal development service provider, advice you to immediately review the count of modules if it exceeds a certain limit.

  • 7. Inaccurate Caching Strategy:

All Drupal developers must understand the importance of implementing page and block caching accurately. Developer’s incapability to do so may result in website’s poor performance and uptime also suffers.

Suggested Solution:

  • Get the best and accurate caching strategy in place to perfection.
  • Enable the server side caching.
  • Have a correct strategy for cache clearing purpose.


Being the best Drupal CMS Company, we know this list is not exhaustive by any means. However, it will still be a good school for you to make sure your website does not suffer because of these 7 lethal mistakes committed by your Drupal website developer.

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