Drupal Developers are in Demand to Make Alluring and Influential Enterprise Websites

Drupal is a highly demanded open source software that has been specifically designed for the content management system (CMS) framework, having exceptional characteristics, thereby, standing unique amongst other popular CMS counterparts. It is scripted in PHP language and generated under General Public License. Drupal has gained a huge popularity in a short span of time. It is designed for business usage and is empowering eminent websites, such as The Economist, BBC, etc.

Today, businesses are looking for a reliable Drupal web development company that can make alluring and influential websites for them. One of the prime reasons for enterprises to choose this platform for creating websites and web applications is due to its no licensing cost. According to statics, it has been observed that the present market of the Drupal website is five percent, and it powers 2.2 of the complete sites on the virtual platform.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is leading Drupal in terms of popularity and downloads, but this platform has been appreciated for being a robust tool to make complex websites and applications. So, hire Drupal developers to build your best content management system business website, and reach the new heights of success. Many of you might not know how Drupal came into the market. So, let’s uncover its history!

An Insight of Drupal

The seeds of Drupal were sown from the University of Antwerp where the scholar students Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder formed a collaborative news board with a wireless bridge for connecting and sharing ideas, news or other announcements. Buytaert put this software online after completing his studies to remain in touch with friends. He registered the domain name with dorp.org. With drop.org on the web, people started communicating about the latest web technologies and innovative ideas. And then in the year 2001, Dries Buytaert released a software behind drop.org as open source project renaming it as “Drupal” for a large community of developers.

How Drupal stands so unique?

Drupal is a little rigid yet the most powerful content management system than WordPress. It is supported by the largest worldwide community of developers, strategist and professionals who work as a team, and provide complete support to improve the open source software. It has several exceptional features, such as abundant scalability, free extensions, rapid deployment, affordability, remarkable security features, etc. Drupal not only focus on blogging or portfolio websites, but has huge plans in targeting enterprise users. This platform is a reliable, practicable, secure, and interoperable content management system platform.

Drupal is a highly customizable platform that can accomplish your extensive range of enterprise applications. It is enriched with Agile development methodology, supporting the rapid deployment of web applications. These are some of the outstanding characteristics of Drupal. Call a reputed company offering best drupal development services.


Undoubtedly, Drupal is an ideal choice of open source platform for companies to launch a website or an eCommerce store. The renowned Drupal developers can help you in designing the website, according to your business requirements.