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Our Chatbot Service Suite

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Apply AI/ML to your website or mobile app using best-in-class conversational chatbot development services that include natural language processing (NLP). We offer chatbot support that leverages integrations with Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, and more – improving operational efficiency with self-documenting workflows, audit trails, and intelligent revision tracking.

Social Media Bot Development 02

Our software development team is well-versed when it comes to developing custom chatbots for social media. We build virtual agents that can integrate seamlessly with any social media platform. This would help you deliver an interactive experience by answering calls, automating conversations, carrying out messages, and more.

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It’s true that marketplaces with chatbots have a better opportunity to offer personalization and drive more conversions and sales. We engineer chatbots to automate workflows, qualify potential leads, and offer fast support for customer inquiries. Be it Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, create custom chatbot integrations for the marketplace of your choice.

What to Expect from Our Chatbot Development Team?

AI-based Chat & Voice Assistants

Build smart chatbots using advanced technologies like AI/ML.

Leading the digital way with AI-backed chat and voice assistants, SoftProdigy has an experience of 17+ years in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have been building intelligent virtual assistant solutions that interact with customers and answer their questions on a variety of web and mobile platforms.

Multi-language Development

Engage with your target customers in their native language.

Boost user satisfaction, build customer loyalty, and promote proactive communication by enabling chatbots to engage customers across multiple languages. Through chatbot localization, overcome language barriers and expand your user base across demographics. Our team is able to program translation features and utilize JSON to provide a well-structured chatbot framework.

Custom Chatbot Integrations

Create superbots that assist users in completing requested tasks.

To develop scalable and dynamic chatbots, we integrate 3rd-party software, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Email, and Phone. We build custom superbots that assist users in completing requested tasks by using NLP and machine learning. Also, these bots can be deployed easily across multiple communication channels, using HitL and SitL.

Expertise in Natural Languages

Process the request and offer instant responses and feedback.

Having natural language understanding enables us to build voice assistants and chatbots that can have real conversations with humans. To provide semantic interpretation of content or information, our team utilizes computational linguistics. This allows chatbot systems to effectively learn, analyze, and understand natural human languages.

Strategic AI Consulting & Advisory

Manage all chatbot-related activities and update with ease.

Our conversational AI experts work with business leaders to help them design a conversational AI strategy aligned with their company goals. For instance, you can upload intent-related Q&A for chatbot-training purposes. We make use of NLPs to allow customers to communicate with chatbots that process the request and offer quick responses.

Our Tech Stack for Chatbot Development

At SoftProdigy, we will help you connect the tools that you already use with industry-leading chatbot platforms and technologies like AI, ML, and NLP. We use AI-powered tools for testing, developing, and deploying chatbots. Key tools and platforms that we use for chatbot development include:

Development: Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Amazon Lex

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon RDS, and Azure SQL

Testing: Selenium, OWASP ZAP, Katalon, and JMeter

Programming: Python, Java, C++, PHP, and Ruby

Our Methodology for Chatbot Development

Modern businesses need to evolve and adopt newer trends and technologies to succeed. As a leading chatbot development services provider, we help them implement chatbots that solve customer queries, improve communications, and save time. Let’s build AI-enabled chatbots for smooth customer support and interactions. Get started today!

What Our Clients Say

Client - SoftProdigy

“Though there were delays from my side, thanks for delivering what was promised. You were really patient. The ORM campaign produced definitive and solid results. I was truly impressed and all the deliverables were on time. If somebody were to ask me for something similar, I’d definitely recommend your services.”

James Kellogg

Founder at

Tzachi Frid

“We are extremely happy with the website that SoftProdigy built for us. It’s mobile-responsive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, SEO-friendly, and everything that we asked for. Also, the CMS is intuitive and user-centric. Their team was a pleasure to work with and even offered support post launch. We’d love to work with the team in the future.”

Tzachi Frid

Founder at

Sashank - SoftProdigy

“We started out in January with lots of to-do lists to redesign the existing website. The newly designed website is now completed and I have to say that it looks great! Not only are they professional, but they also possess the patience of a saint. If you’re looking for a level of commitment, SoftProdigy is the team to rely on.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

While offering convenience and added customer services, chatbots are a great way to boost operational efficiency and bring operational costs down. They allow businesses to resolve a variety of customer queries and issues that may require real-time human interactions.

Hire chatbot developers who are equipped with enough skills to implement a virtual solution based on your business requirements. Our team has experience in developing chatbots for a variety of industries, such as news and media, retail, and banking. Plus, we will provide you with a robust front-end user interface that connects with different interfaces, including websites and social media.

Yes, we deliver multilingual support at scale to help you automate customer service in different languages. Our chatbots are trained to decode different dialects, understand what the user is asking for, and then respond naturally and accurately.

Our experienced developers build secure and smooth code chatbots that can transform your business. These chatbots maintain a natural language conversation with users in real time. We also create AI chatbot programs that understand the intent of users and react appropriately based on organizational data. To learn more about our chatbot development process, feel free to Contact us!