Booming IT Skill Sets for Developers to Learn in 2017

Today, there is a neck-breaking competition between online businesses, and companies look for dexterous developers who can come up with the out-of-the-box ideas and new age tech skills to accomplish their diverse work requirements. The developers are expected to have a good knowledge about different technologies, languages, and frameworks to deliver outstanding outcomes. There are certain most desirable skills and trending technology, which every professional needs to master.

Have a look at the following skill sets you can add in your portfolio for the year 2017:

  • 1. Gaming tools for mobile technology– The developers should be well versed with the modern tools used in mobile technology. All of you must have observed how gamification has taken the digital world by storm. So, you should have all the required skills to build high quality games on diverse mobile platforms. The common tools used in building games are Unity 2D/3D, Visual Studio 2013 Xamarin, and Cocos2d-X (Cocos2d –Obj C, Cocos2d-Python, Cocos-XNA, Cocos-HTML). Unity 2/3D, Cocos2d and Xamarin are cross-platform application development framework. Each of them has several exceptional features, and can build engaging games. So, upgrade your knowledge about different tools used in mobile technology to build surpassing games on mobile.

  • 2. Customer Relationship Management Systems– CRM includes different practices, strategies and technologies to manage and scrutinize customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It aims to improve business relationships with customers, helping in customer retention and driving sales growth. So, upgrade your knowledge about different CRM systems, including dynamics CRM workgroup server 2013 to assist the clients in the best possible way.

  • 3. Tools and Techniques used in website development– Update your knowledge bank with the languages, skills, and frameworks used in web development. Know how to migrate from ASP.NET to MVC. Gain a good knowledge about ASP.Net, MVC, etc. Know about web API for mobile apps, tablets, browsers, and other platforms. Today, MVC is widely preferred as it can separate the View (i.e. the UI) from the business logic, and thus, in this way, the business logic can be independently unit tested.

  • 4. Skills used in web application development– Today, there is a pioneering competition in the online market, and businesses have to adopt cutting edge strategies to make an alluring online presence, and showcase their work effectively. The inception of Angularjs web application development is a bliss for the web Businesses. This modern framework bestows ample of engaging features that can aid the companies to make their outstanding online presence. So, learn encompassing details about AngularJS, which is an open-source JavaScript framework, and aims to develop MVC-based web applications. It can also reduce the amount of JavaScript needed to make web applications functional.

These are some of the skill sets, but there is no end to the learning. Every day, a new technology is being introduced into the world and surprises everybody with its exceptional features. So, make sure that you check diverse platforms to keep yourself updated with the cutting edge IT skills.