Are Chatbots The Future Of Online Marketing?

With all things available at just a few clicks on the smartphones, customers have become more demanding in terms of not only how they choose a product but also the ways they want to communicate with businesses. When it comes to most traditional online ways, they are incapable of meeting their needs. This is where chatbots come in the picture.

However, many businesses are still thinking whether to choose a Bot or not. Being the leading chatbot development company, we can tell you that chatbots can do wonders to your ecommerce business. If you’re not much familiar with a chatbot, let’s first learn about it.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a computer program that automates certain tasks through messaging like placing orders, answering questions, booking appointments and more. It can easily integrate with popular messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat and Skype, even your website.

Why are Chatbots the future of marketing?

Over the past years, the use of chatbots for consumer-facing goods has been increasing incredibly. In fact, nearly 59% of youngsters and 60% of Gen-Xers have interacted with businesses through chatbots in the United States. Voice search helps users to access any information about the brand as quickly as possible, while social media helps them stay connected with brands. These two are useful, but they don’t offer direct solutions to their problems. This is why we have chatbots, which are available for customers even in off-hours. Not only this, chatbots also eliminate inbox clutter that happens in email inboxes and save time.

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In closing

Chatbots are the need of the hour as well as the future, as they allow customers to find direct solutions to their problems regardless of what platform or device they are using. These programs are easy to create and can integrate with any messaging platforms and your website. However, to ensure maximum advantage to your business, choosing the right chatbot developer is crucial.