Apple Loses Patent Case Over A7 Chip

October 13th, 2015: On Tuesday, a jury passed the decision, accusing Apple of plagiarizing the A7 chip, which had originally been created and patented by researchers at Wisconsin University. The iPhone maker can now be booked for $862 million in damages. The case had been filed last year by the researchers from this university on Apple saying that Apple’s A7 chip originally is owned by and patented by them. This chip had been used by Apple in iPhone5s and iPad Air.

Hearing of this case began last week and on Tuesday the jury declared that Apple is responsible for the infringement of the 6 patents of the A7 chip. The maximum damage payment is $862 million, according to the figure received in court. Though it hasn’t been decided on yet, the sum can be reduced.

In its complaint, the university declared that Apple had been aware of it. They also stated that Apple had filed patent applications which cited that 752 patents as prior art, that is, it already belonged to someone else. Other than this, it also declared that Apple had stated a policy of not accepting proposals for license from outside entities like WARF and indeed made the requirement of the lawsuit necessary.