App Store Optimization- A Critical Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app industry is booming with more advanced apps every day. The industry is predicted to be worth $101 billion by 2020. As per some statistics, there are currently 2.2 million apps available for download for android users and iOS remains second largest app store with 2 million apps available apps. As per an analysis of the data compiled last year, more than 1000 apps are being added to apple’s app store every day. These numbers are enough to understand that the app market is simmering with myriad apps.

Getting entry of your app to the app store is not just enough. Until your app gets the required visibility, it’s just contributing another addition to the current number. The process of optimizing apps in order to rank them higher in the app store’s search results is called app store optimization (ASO). Higher ranking corresponds to better visibility. The enhanced visibility translates more traffic to your app’s page in the app store. Users should not only visit app page, but should also get convinced in order to install the app and use it on regular basis. It’s not just about traffic, but conversion as well.
Like every other product, effective marketing of application is extremely important. And getting app store optimization services is the best way to market your app. Here are some of the reasons to incorporate app store optimization in mobile app marketing services:

Enhancing Discoverability: In order to make the users aware of your app’s existence, it’s very important to make it discoverable. The experts providing app store optimization services use certain techniques that ensure improving the ranking and raise an app above as compared to others. The keywords used in the title should be among the most searched entities. As far as description is concerned, along with keyword friendly, it should be equally informative to give user an appealing overview of the product. This is how users will get to know about your app and its features.

Branding: Every prosperous business is built on a strong foundation of a solid brand. A brand is how your customers recognize you. Your brand speaks on behalf of your business and help you hold a firm position in the market. After effective optimization, the users will get to see your apps more frequently in the search results and develop an image of your product in their mind. They will be drawn to your apps and thus convert from users to customers.

Building trust: If your app is all over the play store and appear frequently in the search results, the users may get convinced to give your product a try. After this stage, the real test of your applications usability and quality begins. If the user finds the app friendly and useful, he will stick to the app and use it for a long time. As the number of users keep on increasing day by day, the trust factor starts getting a solid base. This way he gets to develop trust in your product as well as your business.

Higher returns: Marketing is aimed at making the users aware about your products and services. This is done in order to draw more and more users to your business. Mobile app developing companies earn profit from each download. As the number of downloads keeps on increasing, so does the bar of profit. There are multiple mobile developing companies who are generating revenues in millions from their successful products.

There is no denying fact that optimization is a critical aspect of marketing your app. In other words app store optimization & marketing services go hand in hand. App store optimization service providers are equipped with appropriate tools to perform research and incorporate the right keywords in the right way. An iconic icon with a cool 3D effect will appeal the users at first sight. The reviews of previous users affect the image of your app to a significant extent. Make sure to highlight the positive reviews and revert the negative ones at the earliest.

It is the quality of your app which is going to hold the users to your product. Utmost importance needs to be given to the user experience. It is rightly said “A satisfied customer will be a marketer for you.” Thus the app should be easy to explore and the features should be useful in one way or the other. Perform a thorough research of the competitors and prevailing market trends. Keep on updating the app with more advanced features from time to time. For this you need to have a strong and creative team of developers. If the user finds it fruitful, he will happily recommend your app to more and more people.

Give your app a memorable and catchy name. Look for providers of excellent app store optimization services and you are good to go.