Android or iOS– Which Platform is Better for Your App?

You run a business and you wish to have an app. But you’re yet to decide which platform to target– Android or iOS. And why is it necessary for you to have an app for your business? The simple answer is: It boosts your business! The app acts as a catalyst and fosters growth by improving connectivity between the company and its clients. Here are some differences between Android and iOS which will give you a clearer picture and ease your work:

  1. Hardware selection

Android offers a database of millions of apps for almost every purpose imaginable. The reason: Android runs on devices manufactured by hundreds of mobile companies. Whereas, iOS is limited to Apple products, iPhones, iPad, etc.

  1. Privacy controls

The iOS offers better security than Android, in terms of your personal contact information and location. Android is also developing its privacy controls but has not reached the iOS bench mark as of now.

  1. Customizability

The android platform allows users to customize their phone, home screen, according to their wish. They can bring app icons to the home screen and stay connected and informed always. But that is not available in the iOS. Moreover, it allows you to install apps from third party marketplaces as well, and does not keep you limited to Google Playstore.

  1. User friendly

The Android system turns out to be more user friendly than the iOS. Certain restrictions of the iOS system make it less preferable

  1. Virus

Where virus turns out to be the most irritable drawback of android, iOS prevents you from this. The iOS system is protected from all sorts of viruses.

  1. Software update

The iOS system avails system update as long as the device can handle it. This means that your device will get updated for a period of 2-3 years. But this is not the case with Android. Android updates do not require changing the device very often. In most cases, one device can handle Android updates regularly.

Although, Android turns out to be more of a user-friendly and preferable platform, iOS has its own advantages too. So, keeping the above factors in mind you can decide on any of the platforms.