Amazon Presents a Digital Launchpad for Startups

Amazon has recently released a new Launchpad that aims at helping startups. This Launchpad promises to help small scale companies with onboard and marketing while influencing Amazon’s large customer base as well as a network of fulfilment centers. The lure for the startups has reduced the cost of obtaining a product in front of potential customers with the help of Amazon’s retail channels and also the infrastructure.

According to The Next Web, this Launchpad will help companies to handle inventory management under fulfillment as well as customer services and eventually allowing them to focus their efforts on the innovation resulting in more products.

The program further offers customer product pages that are designed so that the founders can interact with the customers directly in a Question and Answer format and therefore access to Amazon marking tools. These tools include merchandised placements, personalized recommendations, Amazon Prime delivery options and Vine customer reviews.

Amazon also declared that it will help companies to expand beyond the US into 10 Amazon marketplaces throughout the world, thereby building the global expansion of a product a far less alarming prospect for the small outfit.

It’s the hub for the latest and most promising products in the market for the shoppers that are divided into various categories such as “Funded on Indiegogo” or “Connected Products”.