9 Changes and Improvements introduced in Recently Launched PHPStorm 2017.1 Edition

Change is the law of nature! It is inevitable. Everything has to change with time. Change brings newness to everything. Now this law of nature has brought a change in the domain of PHP development too. PHPStorm 2017.1, the latest version of PHPStorm, is now available. A lot of PHP Development companies were already waiting for it. They are already calling it a major change/advancement in the domain of PHP Development.

Improvement in PHPStorm 2017.1:
1. PHPStorm 2017.1 has been released with a number of major improvements listed below:

2. Instead of moving, your developers will now have the luxury of dragging and dropping to/from Remote Host Copies files.

3. Support for function/Constant/namespace aliases in imports that not utilized.

4. It also provides full support to emoji in the editor.The luxury of automatic import for react components is also one of the notable improvements in
PHPStorm 2017.1.

5. There is totally new Copy Type as well as Jump to Type available from the Debugger Variables View.

This latest version of PHPStorm has been released with an option to help ignore not only imports but also formatting visible in the diff dialog.

These improvements are merely a tips of the whole iceberg. Hiring a PHPStorm Developer is always good idea if you are handling a major project and also need support for the following:

Tools and Frameworks:
PHPStorm 2017.1 offers extensive support for the following tool and frameworks:

Code Inception Testing Framework:
Most of the PHPStorm Development companies prefer using this IDE. This is why they need support for CodeInception Testing Framework for organizing Units, integrations and Acceptance Tests, starting with the version 2.2.0. As far as its installation is concerned, it is possible from Composer and PHAR. Running the configuration will be a medium for you to run your tests on local level using a vagrant machine, remote interpreter or a Docker. And all this will be possible under the same roof.

PHPUnit 6:
It has not been much time since the PHPUnit 6 has been released. Therefore, it will now support PHPUnit 6. Moreover, PHPStorm 2017.1 will also Support and recognize NameSpaced TestCase Class.

Improvements Related to the Blade support:
If you are a PHP Laravel Developers, there is a good news for you as well. PHPStorm 2017.1 will now support PHPDoc in Blade Injections. You now have the luxury of providing a variable inside a template required for code completion. As for other improvements, @includeWhen, @Component, and Slot directives are also supported by the PHPStorm 2017.1. These are now nested in the structure of the document.

Editing Experience:
When it comes to the editing experience, it has to very easy. This is why support for Parameter hints, PSR-O and Rename Refactoring has been ensured. This edition of PHPStorm will also recognize PHP Class Names in Strings and provide better formatting in PHP for editing purpose.

Support for PHP Language:
According to the PHPStorm Development Companies, PHPStorm 2017.1 edition has introduced some amazing improvements regarding PHP 7 Uniform Vairable Syntax. It will now also support expressions like isset/unset, foo()()().., and $some->foo()() style calls. In addition to all this, New Code Highlights, Configurable PHP Runtime, Current Scope Highlighting for Alternative Syntax and Better Support Related to the Anonymous Classes in PHP 7.1 will be the key features of PHPStorm 2017.1 edition.

Analysis of the Code Quality:
You can now hire PHPStorm Developers and seek their services for as the code quality via a new inspection to help you detect and convert PHP 4 Style Constructors to PHP 5.3+ Style Construct. If you need a quick-fix, Just press Alt+Enter buttons from your keyboard. There is also a new quick-fix for all undefined variables.

Improved Auto Import Functionality:
PHPStorm 2017.1 edition is capable of importing functions and constants automatically. You can make the most of such improved auto import functionality by going in Settings/Editor/General/Auto Import/PHP and chose one of the two following options:
1. Enable Auto Import in the File Scope
2. Enable Auto Import In Namespace Scope

Auto import from a Global Namespace will has also been incorporated as an alternative

PHP Debugging:
Debugging is a vital but a very complex process in PHP. Taking this into account, a group of constants has been added in Debugger. These constants are user-defined and help reduce the noise and keep the variable list neat. Moreover, PHPStorm 2017.1 allows you to choose the host IPs that are required to be sent to the Zend Debugger.

Renowned Web Related Technologies:
PHPStorm 2017.1 edition is home to all features and improvements related to the WebStorm. Free plugins can be found in repository. You can hire PHPStorm Development companies for coding assistance for Vue.js template language as well the language you choose in the scripts and style blocks of .vue file. The IDE is capable of completing vue components. It also adds imports required for them. And this is merely a beginning. PHPStorm 2017.1 edition also suggests the name of packages in the project’s package.json file. It is also capable of showing descriptions and versions for them. Apart from this, better support for React, jspm imports, conversion t arrow function to upgrade the code to ECMAScript 6 etc. and a lot more have also been incorporated in it.

Improvements in IDE:
Talking about improvements in IDE, some changes have been introduced in Version Control. These changes include updated log viewer for Git and Mercurial, availability of new options like Ignore Imports and formatting in the diff dialog, speedy file history performance for Git. As for the Find in Path, this option has been reworked from the scratch to make sure it provides results in the first place. Moreover, you will not have to press anything more than the Enter key from your keyboard to be able to open any result you select.

Tools Related to the Database:
PHPStorm Development Companies and their developers are going to get significantly improved tools related to the database. Improved management of schema in the Data Sources and Driver log, column mapping along with DDL preview found in CSV Import, Drag and drop luxury to be able to export and import tables are some of the key improvements that have been introduced in PHPStorm 2017.1 edition.

Final Thoughts:
If you are handling any PHPStorm development project, you need to upgrade the version of PHPStorm being used by you and only PHP development companies can help you in this regard. Therefore, do not waste time. Instead, get in touch with such companies and hire the best PHP developers active in the domain of PHPStorm Development and seek their valuable services.

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