6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a PHP Developer for Your Project

In 2019, there were nearly 6.1 million registered PHP developers. The number is increasing every day. All thanks to the surge in demand for PHP development services. 

Over the past few years, PHP has emerged as a leading scripting language because of its excellent development potential. As a result, a significant number of clients are looking for full-time and freelance PHP developers

Are you looking to build a responsive and fully-functional website? If so, PHP is an ideal choice. But the success of your project depends on the experience and expertise of your developer. As mentioned, there are millions of PHP programmers, both remote and on-site. Hiring a perfect developer depends on various factors, like skills, experience, cost, and more. 

If you want to hire the best PHP developer for your upcoming project, here are things you need to take into consideration. Let us explore these factors below. 

Consider When Hiring a PHP Developer
  • Important considerations when hiring a PHP developer 

    The best way to find out an efficient PHP development company is by checking their website. If it is attractive, responsive, and high-performing, then you can go ahead. For this, you need to focus on the graphics, content, features, SEO, and ease of use. 

    1. Experience matters

      When it comes to hiring a PHP developer, experience is one of the essential factors. But it is not everything. So, your decision should not be based on experience only. 

      Whether you want to hire a full-time or freelance PHP developer, they must have years of experience in the field. Experience shows the reliability and success of your PHP developer or agency. Therefore, experts advise partnering with experienced professionals. They can handle projects with varying sizes and needs because of their better understanding of tools and techniques. 

      Before signing a final agreement, make sure your prospective PHP developer has developed websites in your niche. As a thumb rule, they must have similar successful projects. 

    2. Technical skills and knowledge 

      We do not have to tell you the importance of technical skills and knowledge for a PHP developer. If you want to create a website that goals and needs, your PHP should be technically sound. 
      For this, you can ask the relevant questions or test the skills of your PHP developer during an interview. If the technical knowledge resonates with your project requirements, go ahead and fix the deal. Additionally, the development cost should fit your pocket and sound genuine. 

      A pro tip: If you do not have technical knowledge, you can hire someone to do this job for you. 

    3. Ask for references and previous projects

      We live in a content-driven world. So, whenever online users buy products or services, they always read customer reviews and testimonials. It is applicable when hiring a PHP developer as well. Make sure you ask your prospective PHP developer for references to previous clients and portfolios. 

      With this, you can get a clear idea of the type of projects your developer has completed. Additionally, you will know if they can meet your expectations or not. To measure the level of quality, get a sample from the previous clients of your PHP developer. 

    4. Time management
      Website development is not a one-night process. But it has multiple sections, and your PHP developer should report you after completing each step. It is crucial because you can make changes if required before proceeding ahead. It will save you both time and money. For example, if you find some glitches after completing the development, it will take more time. 

      When hiring a PHP developer, ask these questions to ensure timely project delivery.
      • Why type of reporting tools do you use?
      • Do you follow weekly or monthly reporting patterns?
      • What practices do you follow for time management?

        Partnering with a company is the best for full-time and freelance PHP developers. It is a reliable option for hassle-free reporting and time management. 

    5. Must have good communication skills 

      Good communication skill is the key to all successful projects. Lack of communication between programmer and client can turn development efforts futile. There is no point in hiring a highly proficient PHP developer if they cannot understand your requirements or communicate with you. 

      Here are a few things to look for when spotting a reliable PHP developer.
      • Smooth collaboration within the various departments
      • Good attitude 
      • Ability to understand the prerequisite 
      • Listen to everyone 

        You can easily spot these signs during the initial interview with your PHP developer. 

    6. Open to challenges 

      Given the cut-throat competition in the online ecosystem, your PHP should have the enthusiasm to learn and accept new challenges. So, look for a programmer that is open-minded, flexible to changes, and passionate to stay up-to-date. 
      The website development is strictly based on guidelines and deadlines. But your developer should be flexible enough to incorporate new updates and make your project stand out from the crowd. 

The bottom line 

Indeed, hiring an ideal developer is not an easy task, especially for a PHP developer. But If you consider these factors, you can pick a developer that suits your budget and needs. Besides this, it is advisable to communicate your budget to avoid future confusion. 

Please remember, a reliable PHP developer helps you create a dynamic website within your budget. But they will also keep it updated by using their creativity, innovation, and knowledge. Do your research and compare the available options before making a final decision. 

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1. Which are the top websites to find PHP developers?

Where you need a full-time or freelance PHP developer, we have plenty of online websites to search for your ideal professional. Some of these are Fiverr, Toptal, Github Jobs, and Upwork. 

2. Why PHP developer?

PHP is a leading scripting language that creates dynamic, secure, feature-rich, and highly responsive websites. Plus, it ensures faster and affordable development. For this reason, there is a surge in demand for PHP developers. 

3. Which global companies use PHP?

PHP is the first choice for many global websites, thanks to its excellent development capabilities. Some of the leading names that use PHP are Facebook, Slack, WordPress, Esty, and Tumblr. 

4. What makes PHP outshine other programming languages?

PHP is a versatile programming language. One thing that attracts enterprises to choose PHP is platform independence. It means you can build a website compatible with most web browsers and operating systems. 

5. Will PHP remain relevant in 2022?

With 78.9% of websites using PHP, it is clear that PHP is a leading programming language. And it will remain relevant in 2022 and beyond, thanks to constant improvements and advancements. 

6. What are the key skills for PHP developers?

A PHP developer must have both technical and non-technical skills. It includes:

  • A deeper understanding of front-end programming languages.
  • Proficient in using tools like Composer, PHPUnit, and PSR.
  • Problem-solving and communication skills. 
  • Well-versed with PHP best practices and design patterns.