7 IDEs Every React Native App Development Company Must Use

Mobile app development is a tedious process. Therefore, React Native app development companies look for tools that help them save time.

We live in a mobile-apps-intensive world. It means numerous apps get published each day. On average, 70,000 new apps are released on Google Play every month. Remember, it excludes iOS, Windows, and other apps. If we consider this statistic, it is clear that there is a surge in demand for mobile apps.

But as mentioned, developing mobile apps is not an easy feat. It comes with multiple stages and processes. As a result, developers need a tool to simply each phase. Do you know app development agencies find it challenging to deal with several tools from different platforms? It also applies to React Native mobile app development companies, though it is known for fast and affordable development.

Fortunately, we have a solution to address this problem. That is IDE. Let us learn about this solution in detail:

What is IDE?

IDE stands for an Integrated Development Environment. It is a software suite that consolidates developers’ tools into a single graphical user interface. But what exactly do IDEs offer? For this, you need to understand its three components. Later in this article, we will help a React Native mobile app development company choose the right IDEs. Here are three features of IDEs.

  • A code editor – One of the primary elements of IDEs is a text code editor. It allows React Native developers to write and edit source code. It provides numerous features like bug checking, syntax highlighting using visual cues, and ensuring language-based auto-completion.
  • A compiler – Refers to systems that convert programming language into a machine form. As a result, React Native app development companies can automate non-core tasks. Also, they can systemize source code into binary code and run automated testing.
  • Debugger – It has several debugging tools that assist React Native professionals in identifying and fixing bugs within source code. Using this feature, developers can test the performance and functionality of a mobile app before releasing it.

Based on this, we can say that IDEs make developers’ lives easier. For example, they can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Coming to which IDEs are best for React Native. Here, we have listed the most popular IDEs.

  • Top IDEs every React Native app development company needs

We have plenty of IDEs, and it becomes challenging for mobile app development agencies or developers to choose the right ones. Do not worry! We have explained excellent IDEs that make React Native mobile app development companies more productive. Let us unveil them all one by one.

    1. Atom

    Atom is a state-of-the-art desktop text and code source editor. Plus, it is free and open-source. That means developers can use this efficient IDE to develop robust React Native applications. What’s more interesting about Atom is several other frameworks use this IDE. So, it flaunts a wide community of developers. It is a choice of top React Native app development companies because of its exceptional features. There are:

    • It is a cross-platform IDE. Hence, you can access it on various platforms.
    • It offers a comprehensive plugin library, which enables React Native developers to include a lot of features in mobile applications.
    • It provides syntax highlighting that helps display text and source code in different fonts and colors.
    • It has an easy-to-learn user interface.
    • Its auto-completion feature helps React Native app development company handle simple tasks efficiently.
    1. Visual Studio

    Another excellent IDE for React Native is Visual Studio. Created by Microsoft, it is a source code editor tool. Besides this, Visual Studio is a fully featured, modern, and free IDE for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The following are the features because of which most React Native app development companies prefer Visual Studio:

    • It is open-source, which means you can access it for free.
    • It has a built-in debugger, so you can test source code before releasing your applications.
    • Like Atom, it also supports syntax highlighting.
    • It gives React Native developers access to plenty of free plugins.
    • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
    • It comes with a feature of code completion.

      Note:* Among all the available IDEs for React Native. Visual Studio is the most used for debugging and code editing.

    1. Sublime Text

    If you are looking for a sophisticated text and source code editor, Sublime Text is your best match. It is a cross-platform IDE that supports multiple programming and markup languages. What makes Sublime Text the favorite text editor for React Native app development companies is its vast community. Other features include:

    • The selection shortcut allows developers to alter code quickly.
    • It comes with a command palette that developers can use to set code syntax.
    • It offers an excellent APIs library and packages to boost your productivity and efficiency.
    • It is easy to learn and use.
    • It provides developers with a distraction-free coding environment.
    1. Reactide

    Reactide is another most used Integrated Development environment among top React Native app development companies. It has outstanding features like live reloading and quick prototyping. In addition to this, React offers an integrated suite of tools that ensure seamless and hassle-free development. Let us look at features that made Reactide a popular IDE for React Native.

    • Ease of editing and navigation.
    • It offers smooth browser integration.
    • You can leverage live visualization.
    • It allows synchronous GUI controls for styles and component properties.
    1. Vim Editor

    Vim is a screen-based text editor application for React Native development. It is a free text editing program that allows React Native app development companies or programmers to create and modify text effortlessly. It is a fast and powerful texting editor. Thanks to its small through that runs in a terminal. Here are some great features you can leverage.

    • It runs efficiently without using much space on RAM.
    • It has a common-centric feature that helps developers manage text-related issues with ease.
    • It lets you work on different projects simultaneously because of the availability of several taps and windows. As a result, it saves time.
    • It offers a faster code editing process.
    1. Nuclide

    Nuclide is one of the unique IDEs for React Native. Do you know why? It offers hackability, along with other great features. It is a single package built on Atom Editor and has an active community. Some of its powerful features are:

    • It offers a set of plugins to make your React Native app feature-rich.
    • Flow is another feature that most React Native app development companies love.
    • It has an auto-complete feature that ensures faster coding.
    • It comes with an excellent user interface.
    1. Spacemacs Editor

    Spacemacs is an advanced, community-driven framework for GNU for Emacs. It offers the best of both Emacs and Vim. Here is why Spacemacs Editor is a choice of top React Native app development companies.

    • It has features like macro and key building that ensure hassle-free development.
    • It comes with a great user interface.
    • It is backed with extensive documentation.
    • You can access Spacemacs Editor on multiple platforms.
    • Git Integration is another wonderful feature for React Native developers.

The conclusion

Whether you are a React Native development agency or want to hire a React Native developer, choosing the right IDE is crucial. After all, it can affect your performance or your prospective programmer. Each Integrated Development Environment has specific features and functionalities. And you should choose the one that fits your goals, needs, and budget.

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  1. What is an IDE?

An IDE or Integrated Development Environment is software that offers common tools to developers in a single GUI. That means developers do not have to struggle using multiple platforms to use development tools.

  1. What are the primary features of an IDE?

Like any other technology, IDE continues to evolve and update. The main features of an IDE are debugger, compiler, and code editor. But with consistent advancements, it offers more,

  • Code completion
  • Programming language support
  • Plugins and integrations