5 Lifesaver SEO Tips for your Website

Attracting enough organic leads to your “charming” website always sounds to be an easy game, but achieving that in real is one heck of a task. Even though optimizing your website is not a rocket science, one must be familiar with the basics of search engine optimization. You might have a set of keywords handy but before jumping on to the content, there are some points to keep in mind.

Before you even plan out a strategy and follow the tips you’re about to receive you need be sure about these things:

  • What your website is all about
  • What the purpose is
  • How committed you are

After you’re sorted out the above, you could start implementing the approach. Although, most of the things are beyond your control, there are still some things that can be implemented to increase your chances of landing in the top results. Have a look at the following suggestions:

  • Understanding and using the keywords

Think it this way– you need something on internet and you simply type it in the search bar on google. The search engine fetches results based on the keywords. Similarly, you must come up with a list of all those keywords that are closely related to your service or product. You could use those keywords in your content all across your website, domain name, posts, your pages and permalinks etc.

  • Use long tail keywords but in a limit

People might think the more keywords they have in their content, the better. However, google catches it right away and labels the website as spam. So, prefer using long keywords with 3+ words but in limited doses so that it appears genuine and serves the purpose.

  • Stick to one permalink

After you publish your post, make sure you don’t change your permalinks. If you do so, it can cause broken links resulting in failed SEO for that page.

  • Use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

If you have your website on WordPress, using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast can give you a lot of handy functionality without having to work too hard. It’s a free plugin and works great.

  • Write great content

If there’s one thing that has consistently withstood Google’s dramatic algorithm changes, it’s none other than great content. If you have high quality original content, there’s nothing that can harm you. Remember, it’s not only important to get people on your page through SEO, it’s equally important to have people read what you’ve written. If they feel convinced with what you’ve written they might even buy your services or products on other pages.

Having followed the above tips, you can definitely improve your website’s ranking and can have better return on investments.