4 Key Reasons AI-based Chatbots Can Prove Beneficial for Businesses in 2019

Thinking why bot development companies are gaining traction these days?

Well, you will be surprised to know that chatbots are of great importance when it comes to customer service through the website or a mobile app. So, a number of website and app development companies are focusing on refining the user or customer experiences on the app or a website using standard chatbots. And the best part is – chatbots are the future!

When people aren’t able to realize whether they talked to a human being or a bot, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely taking over us.

According to Hubspot:

“63% of people don’t realize they’re already using AI technologies.”

Upgrading the customer experience to the highest possible level, when you make a shift from standard bots to AI-powered chatbots is the best decision you can ever take. Let’s move on to discussing the reasons why every startup or established business should go ahead and hire a chatbot development company for getting a self-propelled AI-based chatbot.

1. AI-based Chatbots are Super Intelligent

If you want to give an impulse to your customer service experience on the website or an app, chatbots are a great head start! Watson Assistant by IBM is a nonpareil when it comes to the list of AI-based bots liked by the millennials. Why is it so?

In the AI-powered bots, intelligence is taken to another level where it possibly matches the human brain power. Thanks to the major strides in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) domain!

2. Capable of Interpreting Complex Data


Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot is capable of interpreting the most complex information and responds quickly without delay. Thus, it rules out the need of human resources to be available at all times. Hence, you can save a lot on operational costs such as hiring customer service executives and infrastructure. The AI bots are able to remember the whole context of the conversation and even lets the customers buy from the bot window itself!

That being said, you can put them up in any of the messaging channels you use for your business.

3. Gives a Personality to your Brand

Anything that gives a positive outlook to your brand is good for you! How about integrating a custom chatbot in your app or website to make customers feel at home? Including a bot driven by artificial intelligence defines the way your target audience perceives your brand. Friendly interactive sessions with the web and app users through bots can turn them into leads.

According to a Gartner Report:

“Chatbots will be involved in 85% of all types of business-customers interaction by 2020.”

A highly expert chatbot developer can develop an AI-driven chatbot, tailor-made for your business website needs that can completely revolutionize the way you interact with your customers.

4. Constant Presence on the Website


As already said, chatbots drive away the need of hiring a large team of customer service executives for handling customer queries, it is possible just because of the fact that chatbots are present on the website 24/7. They are virtual assistants of the web users if they need any help.

It is one of the greatest benefits of investing into getting an AI chatbot from one of the skilled bot development companies for your business. It is high time that you thought about surpassing your competitors in marketing and business communication domain with the latest advancements in the technology.  


At last, it’s all about the customer engagement and lead generation that every business is focused on! AI-based chatbots are a great fit if you want to give top-notch customer services. The benefits definitely deserve accolades and our eyes are on the future advancements in the chatbot domain.


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