10 Practices Every Node.Js Developer Should Know in 2022

Node.Js is a boon to the JavaScript environment. Since its inception, Node.Js has been continuously shaping the web development industry. Are you wondering how?

Firstly, it has widened the possibilities of creating different types of web applications. Initially, JavaScript was known as a front-end language. But today, it is a full-stack platform, all thanks to Node.Js. 

There is no doubt that Node.Js comes with numerous dynamic features and capabilities. But it is not a universal solution. It means Node.Js has some limitations. Therefore, to overcome development using Node.Js in 2022 and beyond, developers need to follow some practices. When you hire Node.Js developers, make sure they are familiar with these practices. With this, they can help you build a kickass Node.Js web app. Without further delay, let us get started. 

How can Node.Js developers excel in development projects?
  • Best practices for Node.Js developers in 2022

    • Use standard style – Developers need to choose a company-standard code style while building an application with Node.Js. With this, they will not face any problems to change projects. 
      For example, it will ensure developers stay worry-free about building a new application using different presets. Hence, they can be more productive from day one. So, your prospective Node.Js development company uses the JavaScript standard style in their projects. 

    • Leverage environment variables – Most Node.Js developers make the mistake of using environment-specific configuration files. As a result, they end up creating a mess of their projects. Therefore, developers should leverage environment variables instead. 
      It is best if they use these variables at every stage of the project. Hence, developers can prevent the outflow of sensitive information. 

    • Consider client-side rendering – Fortunately, the Model-View-Controller frameworks have made building dynamic applications effortlessly. Moreover, if your developer uses client-side rendering in Node.js, you can reduce latency and save bandwidth. 

    • Begin the project with package.json- If you want a successful project, your developers should not write bash scripts. Instead, they should go for NPM scripts because they make organizing code convenient and easy. 
      The init command of NPM creates a support framework, package.json. However, the abilities of NPM and associated procedures are not limited to installing dependencies. For example, the Node.js package manager is essential for Node.js deployment systems. 
      The package.json can help your developer to build plenty of metadata and make working the same project hassle-free. How? Well, it offers a similar setup. 

    • Choose asynchronous structures – If we talk about the design and nature of Node.js, they are single-thread. It means you can experience lots of synchronous, which can potentially lock your web application. 
      Do you know synchronous functions can make the logic of your application easy to understand? Hence, it can become susceptible to online malware or security breach. For this reason, it is advisable to asynchronous structures such as Promises. Described in the 80s, they are a concurrency primitive. You can find them everywhere in modern programming languages because they ensure code is free from blockages. 
      The best thing about the synchronous methods is they can be used at a later stage as well. In this case, your developers should use an external library. However, it is ideal if you use asynchronous structures in essential performance sections of your application. 

    • Keep dependencies upfront – Your Node.js developer uses the best practices to handle errors. But your application is still down because of glitches. Therefore, your developer should make use of the process manager to overcome all runtime issues. Plus, it will prevent downtime because your web app will restart once the server is live. 

    • Go for Gzip compression – Another way to reduce latency and time lag is using a Gzip compression. If you are wondering about supporting Gzip, the good news is almost all clients and servers work well with it. Besides this, the server can reduce the response time. Hence, Node.js developers must use Gzip compression because it will boost the overall performance of the application. 

    • Use Docker containers – In the modern web app development world, Node.js developers also use Docker containers. Developers can use them to wrap up a software piece in a complete file system. It constituents everything software requires to run efficiently, such as runtime, code, system libraries, tools, etc. 
      But why use Docker in the first place? If this question pops up in your mind, we are here to help you. Below, we have listed the perks of using Docker.

      • It ensures the smooth running of your web apps in isolation.
      • When it comes to Docker images, they are lightweight.
      • It allows developers to do deployments securely. 
      • Developers can make immutable deployments with Docker.

    • Keep your application under monitoring – For example, there are some errors in your Node.js application. But how will you feel if your customer or client notifies you about the same? Not good, right? Therefore, your developer must monitor your Node.js application regularly. 
      They can use tools like Prometheus. It is an open-source solution that can help them monitor your app with ease. 

    • Code validation – Often, the web application project gets delayed because of negligence to test the code during the development. If you do not want this to happen to you, make sure your Node.js developer examines the code. It will save you both time and money on various occasions. Please remember, if your developer runs tests during the initial few production issues, you can get project delivery on time.

Wrap up 

Node.js is a successful runtime for the JavaScript environment. But it is not perfect. If Node.js developers consider these practices during web development, they can build robust applications faster and within the budget. When you hire Node.js developers, make sure they are familiar with these practices. 

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