Working in Pandemic: A Look into Project Management and Deliveries at SoftProdigy

Conventional resilience was not enough for businesses to survive the pandemic. It must be clear by now that organizations that resist changing either suffered a significant loss or are left inoperable. As a result, organizations opted for new strategies and cutting-edge technologies to keep up with clients and project deliveries. 

We all are witnesses to how COVID-19 had brought almost every sector to ground zero when no one had an idea about what to do next. But thankfully, several industries, including the IT industry, came up with feasible solutions that helped them manage and deliver projects with ease. 

At SoftProdigy, we were first unsure how to finish our scheduled projects and take on new ones. But after evaluating numerous options, we came with solutions to ensure timely delivery of projects or programs. Being one of the leading digital marketing services providers, we cannot let our clients’ online rankings go down, regardless of the situation.  

From remote working to client meetings over video platforms, using enterprise apps to connect with employees, and attending webinars or conferences online, we did all to stay as productive as possible. 

Let’s take a walk through how our certified Google AdWords experts and other professionals managed clients’ projects.  

  • The art of remote working 

None of us would have ever imagined working from home for such a long time. But after the global outbreak of Corona Virus, most of the companies encouraged their employees to work from home. So did SoftProdigy. Of course, it wasn’t easy to manage remote working due to challenges like communication lag within the team members, unavailability of tech support, insufficient productivity, and so on. 

Thankfully, we live in a technology-driven world where we have apps, tools, and websites to offer our employees much-needed assistance. Also, team leaders and managers started to work closely with team members to deliver the project to the clients within the deadline. With several trials and errors, we have learned how to manage work-from-home culture effectively and ensure better productivity. 

  • Digital revolution 

Digitization was one of the revolutionary changes that we have witnessed. But in 2020, each sector and business took to the internet to offer services, whether it’s delivering education using video platforms like Zoom to conduct online classes or professionals organizing online webinars and meetings. Thus, smart technology and the internet had turned out to be a necessity. At SoftProdigy, we made use of various cutting-edge tools and technologies to communicate with our clients. For example, Basecamp has been a boon to ensure smooth team and client communication and effective project management. And how can we forget Slack and Skype? 

With these tools and technologies in hand, our certified Google AdWords specialists managed campaigns and advertisements more conveniently. 

  • Virtual learning 

While SoftProdigy was working full-fledged during the nationwide lockdown, we had to hire new employees to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. After enrolling them for specific roles, they had to undergo one week of training to get familiar with our work ethics, projects, and clients. To get our newly hired Google AdWords experts and other professionals trained correctly, we used online platforms like Skype and Google Meet. We also conducted timely webinars and seminars to keep our professionals abreast with new trends and standards. 

The bottom line

Technology has always been serving us to make our lives more convenient. In 2020, several cutting-edge tools and technologies helped businesses operate effectively from home and enabled them to stay in contact with their clients or customers using online apps and websites. At SoftProdigy, our Google AdWords specialists took advantage of these technological advancements to manage clients’ projects without failure. 

If you are looking for the best Google AdWords experts to ensure a successful and well-managed project, get in touch with our professionals at SoftProdigy.