WordPress – The Best Option to Build Scalable Enterprise Solutions

WordPress started as a blogging platform, and in less than two decades of its existence, it has evolved into a powerful, robust CMS capable of handling even the largest enterprise websites. Today, it is powering 30% of the web and is regarded as the default digital publishing tool for major media companies including Facebook, eBay, Sony, Microsoft, etc. 

WordPress development companies in India are helping brands navigate through the clunky and expensive content management systems to a standard, easy-to-use, multimedia-friendly platform for their web presence.

WordPress – An Enterprise Solution

At its core, WordPress is a content management system. It’s widely used by businesses of all sizes to manage their websites and content. While it may have started as a small-business solution, the shift towards enterprise-level CMS use has been gradual but steady. As more and more enterprises adopt WordPress, its development roadmap is adapting to meet the needs of enterprise content management.

WordPress development services in India are seeing great year-on-year progress as new features and functionalities keep getting added. Companies are increasingly hiring dedicated WordPress developers to build customized and advanced enterprise CMS that have a friendly and familiar admin interface. WordPress easily ticks all the boxes as far as content management goes, and now WordPress development services are being employed to meet the enterprise needs as well.

WordPress as an Enterprise CMS – The Benefits

WordPress has evolved into an enterprise-level CMS and several reasons can be credited for that. The features and capabilities that make it suitable for enterprises are as follows:

  • WordPress is Free and Open-Source

WordPress is licensed under the GPL. This means that anyone can modify and enhance the core code and any contributions are comprehensively peer-reviewed by a dedicated community of developers. It works well for companies that do not want to be locked into using a software that is provided and serviced by a single vendor. WordPress offers a transparent foundation and an active community of contributors who are making the software better with each passing day.

  • WordPress has an Active Community Support

As WordPress is an open-source platform, there is no support staff behind the platform. This means if an enterprise needs professional support, upgrades or customizations for their website, they can seek help either in the Support Forum or from the active community of dedicated WordPress developers.

WordPress is an extremely flexible platform, and, as there is not a single company controlling the platform, a number of different companies can be contacted that specialize in different aspects of WordPress. 

  • WordPress is Extensible

WordPress was made hugely extensible from the start as the developers understood that in order to be successful, it needed to incorporate every new element that was invented thereafter without posing any problems. This feature has enabled the core development team to keep the platform relatively streamlined while plugin developers and agencies have emerged to meet the needs of users who want to extend the software.

WordPress’s unlimited extensibility and flexibility offers enterprises the kind of complete control that they would be unable to normally get with other ECM solutions. An enterprise can choose how it wants to build out its ECM install. If there’s a particular feature it requires, experienced and dedicated WordPress developers from India can be hired to create a custom plugin that adds the feature to WordPress for them.

  • WordPress is a Secure Platform

WordPress, despite being extremely flexible and adaptable, is a highly secure platform. It employs experts that include lead developers and security researchers to make the platform completely safe to operate. The company also regularly consults with well-known and trusted security researchers and hosting companies to bolster its security strength. 

Additionally, the WordPress team regularly collaborates with other security teams to address issues in common dependencies. The WordPress core just keeps getting safer and more powerful third-party security solutions are constantly being updated to provide stronger protection from malicious attacks.

How is WordPress the Best for Enterprise Solutions

WordPress – Offering Extremely Scalable Enterprise Solutions

In the business world, scalability is often discussed in reference to the growth strategy of the company. While the concept of scalability encompasses the overall adaptability of an enterprise, it also needs to factor in the role of technologies and resources of the business. In order to remain competitive and survive in today’s business world, every business needs to continually meet market demands and adapt or scale its online presence in order to do so. As technologies and preferences change, every business needs a scalable strategy that gives them the flexibility to upgrade their web platform and digital strategy. 

All the points mentioned above, coupled with a solid hosting stack, sound database configuration, and a prudent use of plugins and customizations, together makes WordPress the best and most easily scalable enterprise solution available today. There is no limit to how WordPress platform can be used today. It offers a plethora of customization options, and having various tie-ups with third-party providers of plugins, is able to incorporate every whim and fancy of the business. 

The technical capabilities of a platform are critical when it comes to scalability. 

This is where WordPress stands out against every other CMS platform available in the market today. Its admin interface is completely user-friendly; navigating the backend is extremely intuitive for all levels of users, and the frequency of updates and other notifications ensure that the site always functions smoothly. 

A scalable web presence is critical to maintain the longevity of any enterprise. As new technologies, trends, and standards of business operation emerge constantly in the digital space, it is fundamental to select a solution that can accommodate the shifting needs of the business. Today, there is a vast variety of CMS platforms available for businesses to choose from. However, in every sphere of business, WordPress has managed to maintain its authority and proven itself as the most scalable enterprise solution. Its popularity is unmatched, and is likely to stay like that for the next decade as well.