Women Empowerment: A Unique Power To The World

Here’s to strong women – May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

A woman with a vision empowers an entire empire of women. Women are a pillar of the universe – Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.

Whenever we think about women empowerment, it reminds us of women who changed the world. In the World of Man, these women have struggled, fought for their rights, and established their name in the history. Mother Teresa, Hellen Keller, and Malala Yousafzai are some of the names that strike our minds instantly. Each of these women represented the immense potential of women to the world.

Since the beginning of the human chapter, women have always been considered as a minority and weaker section of the society but they have always proved to be the strongest.

Our society has always tried to create blunders in the ways of women who had dreams and ambitions in their eyes to achieve what they desire. Even today, girls are not allowed to go to school and pushed to do the household chores. Working women and the young entrepreneur women face certain obstacles and challenges that men never have to face.

Let’s have a look at some of these challenged women face when they try to rise:

1) Gender discrimination in business and on the job.
2) Finding the right work-life balance for the working women.
3) Finding inspiration and support during the hard times.
4) Lack of resources and biasness by the government.
5) Lack of network and resources for overcoming challenges.
6) Dominated by job fields and industries managed by men.
7) Business issues and political challenges.
8) Corporate bullying and harassment.

In such a society, the word women empowerment makes no sense and still remains a far-fetched dream. Now, let’s take a look at some statistics describing the condition of the women who struggle to create a difference:

1) 22% of women are concerned about the issues in their families.
2) 15% of women are concerned about their daily health.
3) 14% of women are affected by stress and poor time management, balancing their lives, and getting things done.
4) 8% of women are concerned about their career and job.
5) 7% of women are concerned about their schooling and education including their children.
6) 26% of women are directly affected by economic concerns today, including the cost of living, high taxes, and meeting financial needs.
7) 4% of women are concerned about equality of status, equal opportunity, and discrimination.

Despite all of these concerns, it is their willpower which makes them bounce back even in the toughest situations. Women had always proved to be strong since the ancient history “ Whether it was Emily Murphy who challenged an old Canadian law that said, Women should not be counted as persons or Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani schoolgirl who despite all threats from the Taliban survived a deadly attack and continued to globally advocate for women rights, especially the right to education.

Many such innovative and ambitious ladies have taken over the pilot seat of driving technology and IT industry to the next level. Silicon Valley also provides a fair share of blame for not having enough women in technology. The women of the present world are considered to be Tech wizards, and it has become a preferred career choice by many women.

But these women in the world of technology are putting an end to such a misogynistic social view. Many of such women are pioneering in multiple industries with their innovation and creating history.

Out of these stalwarts, we are mentioning some names that are proving to be a game changer in the IT industry:

  • Rekha Menon

I am sure that you’ve heard the name of tech-giant Accenture but did you know the name who is leading this multinational company? Yes, a charming and sweet woman named Rekha Menon is the Chairman and the Senior Managing Director of Accenture. She played the main role in the rise of India from a poor business destination to one of the most profitable countries for business.

  • Vanitha Narayanan

We all have used IBM software and machines at a point of life. IBM played an important role in the development of the global business model and Mrs. Vanitha Narayanan always insists in this process. Being India’s first managing director and later serving as chairman, she was appointed as the chairperson of the board of governors of the NIT by the President of India.

  • Rashmi Sinha

An Indian-American businesswoman. Fortune named her No.8 on its list of Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in 2012. Rashmi Sinha is the innovative mind behind the creation of an online presentation tool that became popular with a lot of small businesses “ She is the CEO of SlideShare.

  • Kirthiga Reddy

An Indian businesswoman heading Facebook “ Kirthiga Reddy is serving as the managing director of Facebook. Also, the first Indian to get a job at Facebook. However, she decided to move from India to get a job where she can manage the progress of FB on a global scale. She has made it to Top 50 Most Powerful Women listing by Fortune and she is a mother of two daughters.

There are many other women achievers who are worth a mention and became an inspiration with their strong determination and willpower, proving it right “ Stay strong and believe in yourself. Some big names who had the same capabilities such as you but had a huge willpower and ambition are:

  • Pamela Slim “ An author, teacher, and business expert.
  • Cher Wang “ Chairperson and co-founder of HTC.
  • Shelia Lirio Marcelo “ Founder of Care.com one of the top sources to find child care providers online.
  • Arianna Huffington “ Founder of the Huffington Post, leading news publication online.
  • Yang Lan “ Founder of Sun Media, a leading Chinese media group.

Take a pledge to improve the condition today and empower the women, as there exists no tool for development for effective than the empowerment of women.

So, for the girls out there, it is the best option to pick up your books and pencils as they are the most powerful weapons. A message for the parents – Save and educate the girl child, make their voice so strong by literacy that they can touch heights of success and change the world.

Some of the brightest minds in the country are being murdered in the womb. Girls are worth more than gold. There is no force equal to a woman’s desire and ambition who is determined to rise!

SoftProdigy salutes these achievers who have redefined the history and proved that women are capable of achieving any heights no matter what! This article is dedicated to all the women to inspire them and ignite their minds with the flame to start to begin the change this International Women’s day.