Why You Need an Effective Email Outreach Process (Oh and How to Develop One)

Truth be told, achieving online success requires well-calculated moves and strategies. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by embracing the email outreach method. In essence, this involves contacting people – usually influencers or reputable website owners – using email to begin a meaningful conversation which ultimately leads to your product/service promotion.

Email outreach strategy enhances business marketing simply by piggybacking on movers and shakers of your niche to reach even more people and leads. A caveat though is that you must be smart and patient if the entire strategy is to be successful.

Reasons you need an effective email outreach process

Convince prospects easily

Let’s face it, not many people will appreciate receiving emails from strangers. To increase your chances of getting a warm reception and even responses, it’s important that you send attractive and highly relevant messages to the people you’re targeting.

All this comes down to gathering sufficient information about your prospects including their passions, views, and opinions on certain topics, and even other minor details like their favorite social media platforms and affiliations. This way, you’re able to attract their attention and hopefully convince them to promote your brand.

Improve online reach

An email outreach program that makes sense to your audience generates a buzz about your brand. With lots of people talking about your products or services, your online reach increases automatically.

Increase website traffic

Convincing people to just open and read your emails is often a tough nut to crack, let alone getting them to visit your website. But with a well-thought-out email outreach process, you’ll not only impress your audience but also get them communicating back.

How to create a successful email outreach process

Now that you know why an effective email outreach process is important, here are guidelines on how to develop one:

Use a catchy subject line

Naturally, the subject line is designed to provide a summary of the email content. While some people will advise on creating subject lines whose main aim is to elicit curiosity and attract click-throughs, being vague here may not be the best of approaches. This is because most readers end up marking your emails as spam when the email content doesn’t meet the level of expectations raised by the subject line.

So, what can you do to improve your subject line?

  • Keep it short and sweet. Avoid creating an essay out of it and go straight to the point.
  • Make it relevant to your audience by adding a personal touch to it. For example, you could mention a social media post that your recipient made recently to trigger their interest in reading your email.
  • Use rhetorical questions and insert interesting statistics on a topic that your email recipients likes.

Exhibit your credibility

When reaching out to people using email, you need to give them enough reasons to care. It all begins by exhibiting your credibility by showing what you can offer them without sounding braggadocious. They may not know you personally, but they may be familiar with your achievements. Indicate some of your greatest accomplishments, and especially those which promote an idea that both of you are passionate about.

Create lasting impressions

The email outreach process is designed to help you find parties that you’ll work with for a long while. For this, you need to establish a personal connection with your contact list. Little efforts such as mentioning prospect name, interests, or current projects help with building lasting impressions. You obtain this information by conducting background research of your prospects from time to time.

Use a professional email address

The main reason for this to show your seriousness and prevent your messages from going to the promotion or spam folder. A professional email address includes your brand name, the name of your website, or a title that shows some level of credibility. At this point, you may also need to have an email signature where your contact details or website URL are included to help recipients discover more details about you.

Consider using email tools

Email automation tools are great assistants for any effective email outreach. They come with templates for proper email structuring, facilitate mass mailing, not to mention the numerous handy automation features they bring along. Put simply, they simplify the email outreach process by cutting down on the time and effort needed to create an effective program.

Mailchimp and SendGrid are two most popular email tools that have been used by thousands of online businesses to create effective marketing programs. Learn how you can use each to boost your email outreach results and ultimately grow your business.

Proper timing is key

The time of the day that your outreach email reaches your recipient greatly affects their responses. A few rules of thumb here include: try to find out more about your recipient’s schedules while it’s also very important that you initiate your conversations during business hours. Proper timing increases the chances of your recipients clicking your emails, going through your content, and visiting your website.

Did we miss any important pointers on creating an effective email outreach campaign? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!