Why Should You Focus on Improving Ruby on Rails?

Choosing a suitable technology is critical for your web application development. If you fail to make a decision, we recommend using Ruby on Rails. It is a popular framework that builds robust and feature-rich applications. Given this, most businesses hire RoR developers for their projects these days.

Released around 15 years ago, Ruby on Rails has undergone a lot of changes and upgrades. The technology has marked its place by helping big brands like Hulu, Airbnb, Twitter, Groupon, etc. However, a number of people are uncertain about using Ruby on Rails. If you are one of them, you should read this post. 

Also, with a growing number of frameworks, they are wondering whether to hire a Ruby on Rails development company or not. Here, we will explain why you should focus on improving Ruby on Rails. But first, let us get an overview of RoR.

What is Ruby on Rails?

It is an open-source framework designed to build scalable web applications with minimal maintenance. That means when you hire RoR developer, you can expect more time on development than fixing bugs. It will save your time and make your developers more productive. In addition, Ruby on Rails offers a consistent environment across various platforms. As a result, your application will not face compatible issues.

Since you have a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails, it is time to find out why it deserves more attention.

Top reasons Ruby on Rails will reign in years to come

Not every enterprise focuses on using apps built on cutting-edge technology. Many look for a quality and reliable web application that will come at a cost-effective price. Below, we will learn more.

  1. Automation

We all know the importance of automation in the current time when everyone wants things to be done in seconds. If you wish to add automation to your web application, hire anRoR developer today.

RoR comes with a comprehensive and built-in automated test system. Thus, your potential developer does not have to invest in running several tests, as they are available by default. It means your application’s features will work today and tomorrow.

  1. Encryption

The Rails 7 has some excellent features. One of the most awaited is encryption. If we talk about databases, they are not encrypted by default. However, it does not mean they are not secure. But if we encrypt everything, you can ensure a high level of security from online malware. So, hire RoR developer to create a safe web application.

  1. Scalability>

Initially, Ruby on Rails development companies faced scalability issues. For example, compared with Java, the codes written in RoR have different efficiency. This is because Java built multi-threaded applications, which are high performing. But after this release of Rails 6, this issue has been resolved. Today, RoR ensures scalable applications by default.

  1. Availability of gems

Another feature that makes Ruby on Rails different from other frameworks is the availability of gems. Developers and enthusiasts keep creating gems and third-party libraries. We have more than 3000 gems, one gem for each task. The purpose of Ruby gems is to boost the capabilities of the framework.

With these gems, RoR experts can leverage functions like uploading, authentication, payments, etc. In simple words, you can add any level of functionality using gems. But to make the most of this feature, hire RoR developer with relevant experience and skills in the field.

  1. Time-efficient

Given the cut-throat competition in the digital space, enterprises look for fast and more productive technologies. That is what Ruby on Rails offer. So, if you hire RoR developer, you can expect application development in less time with optimal output.

Ruby on Rails comes with several ready-to-use modules and plugins. Developers can use them to build dynamic applications without any need to write bipolar code. As a result, it allows them to complete application development 30 to 40% faster.

  1. Affordability

Besides being time-efficient, Ruby on Rails is a pocket-friendly framework. Hence, start-ups with a limited budget can launch exceptional applications without exceeding their expenditure. RoR is one such framework that provides a complete package of features. For example, it ensures high quality, saves money and time, and better security. Do you have a start-up business? The good news is you do not have to sacrifice the performance and functionality of your app. To avail of these benefits, hire RoR developer.

The bottom line

These are some of the top reasons why we should focus on improving Ruby on Rails. With ongoing improvements, this framework will become the future of web application development. Ruby on Rails is the solution to most of the challenges developers face today. But you should hire RoR developer with years of experience and expertise.

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  1. Why should I choose Ruby on Rails for my project?

While there are numerous reasons to use Ruby on Rails, we can summarize them in two words productivity and profitability.

  1. Is building web applications with Ruby on Rails costly?

Ruby on Rails offers a higher degree of cost-effectiveness in web application development. Everything, from resources to time, maintenance, and hosting, is available at low price.