Why is Laravel Still One of The Best PHP Frameworks in 2020?

Choosing the right PHP framework to develop an application for your business venture can be a daunting task owing to the plethora of options available. There are various frameworks and CMSs that seem beneficial at first glance. Laravel is one of the most powerful PHP frameworks for application development as compared to other frameworks. A number of businesses have benefitted from their decision to hire a dedicated Laravel developer for their app creation in 2020. This article lays out the major technical advantages of hiring an expert Laravel developer and lists out the reasons why Laravel is considered the best PHP framework in 2020.

  • Authorization Technique

Laravel is considered the most advantageous when it comes to implementation of authentication techniques as it makes the process extremely easy. The best Laravel development companies are able to configure everything with perfection. Laravel provides a very simple way to organize authorization logic and provide control access to various resources. A sophisticated authentication and authorization process is one of Laravel’s most powerful advantages, which often means that this structure is chosen instead of another.

  • Object Oriented Libraries

Laravel is equipped with Object Oriented libraries as well as other pre-installed ones which make it the best PHP framework. The authentication library is also pre-installed for the framework. These libraries provide access to various advanced features such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. A business owner can simply hire a dedicated Laravel developer to create a functional app for his or her business in no time.

  • Artisan Tool

The Laravel framework includes a built-in tool called Artisan. When you hire an expert Laravel developer, he is able to perform majority of the repetitive and tedious tasks with ease by automating them. Most developers avoid performing these tasks manually, or waste a lot of precious time if they do perform them manually. Thus, Laravel is not only popular with business owners, but also with developers.

  • MVC Support

Another reason that makes Laravel the best and most popular PHP framework is the fact that it supports the MVC architecture like Symphony. Due to this, Laravel can ensure greater clarity between logic and presentation. MVC helps improve performance of an app, allows better documentation, and includes multiple built-in functionalities. All these features combine to make Laravel sit well with businesses all over the world. One of Laravel’s advantages is the support provided by the PHP community to developers, which is extremely useful in certain situations.

  • Security

Even the best Laravel development companies rely on the framework owing to the security assurance within the framework that it guarantees. It makes use of the hashed password which means that the password is never saved as plain text in the database. Laravel framework uses prepared SQL statements, which make injection attacks unimaginable.

  • Database Migration

Database migrations become very easy with Laravel. As long as the hired dedicated Laravel developer keeps all the database work in migration and seeds, he or she can migrate the changes into any other development machine that is preferred.

  • Assistance from Great Tutorials

Laravel developers are given the option of learning more about the framework through carefully curated educational tutorials. Developers always need to brush up their skills and learn about the latest updates so that they are able to deliver more. Laravel developers can access the mix of free and paid video tutorials that teach you how to use Laravel for development. The video tutorials are of very high quality, contain well thought-out lessons, and offer meaningful insights.

  • Blade Templating Engine

The Blade templating engine of the Laravel framework is very intuitive and is a great help for developers who are working with the typical PHP. Laravel is upgraded with the latest PHP features. With Laravel, your project will be equipped with the features of one of the most advanced and popular programming languages.

  • Responsive Interface

Responsive interface is a relatively new feature added in the Laravel framework with the release of Laravel 5.5. It is defined as a class used to implement the interface which can be returned by using the controller method.

  • Automatic Package Discovery

Laravel 5.5 has a new feature which is called Automatic Package Discovery. This feature detects the packages that users want to install automatically. This is a helpful feature because with the help of this, users don’t have to set up any aliases or providers to install new packages in Laravel. Laravel 5.5 also allows developers to disable this feature for specific packages, if needed.

  • Unit-Testing

Laravel is the preferred framework for web app developers because of its excellent way of unit testing. Laravel is capable enough to run multiple unit tests to ensure the new modifications done by the developer do not suddenly break the web apps.

Laravel is a framework that is equipped with ready-made templates, which can be customized to suit the preferences and requirements of a business. It is a powerful framework with which an entrepreneur or business owner can create projects of a complex structure and further refine this structure and its inherent features. It is important to work with experienced specialists who will ensure the smoothest possible update of your project in the future.

All the features mentioned above make PHP Laravel framework an excellent and highly preferred framework. If you’re looking forward to utilizing these features to the fullest, hire a dedicated Laravel developer to successfully get you through the process.


Are you looking for the best framework for your 2020 app development project? Your search ends with Laravel!