Why Flutter is the New Favourite in Mobile App Development Environment

Flutter is a free open-source framework created and published by Google in 2017. It has come a long way since then and businesses and entrepreneurs have adopted it as a big part of the mobile development phase. It helps build cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase. In short, a user can use one programming language and one codebase to develop different apps for different operating systems like iOS and Android.

Flutter consists of two major components:

  • SDK (Software Development Kit): A series of tools that enables the Flutter app developer to build applications. It provides tools for translating the code into native machine code (iOS and Android code).
  • A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): A set of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc.) that can be customized by the Flutter app development company according to their unique needs.

How Did it All Start?

Before Flutter was launched, a number of frameworks were gaining popularity simply by the virtue of their cross-platform development ability. While they solved one of the problems, they did not offer a good user-experience and business owners used to compromise on at least one front in order to use these platforms. 

With the launch of Flutter app development services, it was possible to get a native experience in hybrid apps. Flutter supported a number of vital features that were earlier not available for developers and quickly became the new favourite among developers all over the world. The quick pace of development and the excellent user experience were two of the guiding factors for its huge popularity.

Why is Flutter Surging?

The reason for the surge of Flutter app development services is very simple! Flutter promotes beautiful design, seamless animations, and top-notch performance – all in one. In a nutshell, it offers just what the end-users actually want.

Flutter uses a dark object-oriented programming language that witnessed the growth of over 500% in 2018 and 2019. The word spread like fire and everybody started trusting Flutter more than ever. In fact, Flutter was adopted by organizations like Alibaba, Google Ads, My Leaf, etc. owing to its amazing offerings.

Around 50,000 Flutter apps were launched in the Play Store and around 10,000 uploaded in the first few months of 2021. Flutter app developers are mostly hired by start-ups as they have the highest rate of adoption of the framework. In the next 5 years, Flutter is expected to conquer 60% of the app development market.

Reasons to Choose Flutter as your Application Development Framework - Flutter app development services

Reasons that Make Flutter the Most Desired Mobile Application Development Framework

1. Compatibility with Different Operating Systems

The most important feature of Flutter is that it is compatible with multiple operating systems. As a very effective cross-platform application building framework, Flutter helps save developers a lot of time that is otherwise spent debugging. It also has a portable GPU (which is also efficient) that permits it to work on various interfaces.

The fact is Flutter development framework works quicker and way better than any other platform.This implies that the app can be quickly built and launched early in the market. Developers do not need to compromise on quality or features when developing the app.

2. Reduced Code Development Time 

Developers usually waste time in adjusting Android studio to fix app layout. In case of a feature-rich app, the process becomes even more difficult. Flutter has a feature called “hot reload” which can be used to instantly see the applied changes. This helps save time and effort and makes Flutter the speediest mobile application development platform.

3. Detailed Documentation

Flutter’s documentation has made it the most favored platform by mobile app developers. The clutter-free and simple details are the reasons why Flutter has been so famous among the developers. Plus, they don’t have to make an extra effort to learn the language. Furthermore, the document encompasses exclusive information and tools for cross-platform development.

4. Extensive Catalogue for Open Source Packages

The large set of open source packages helps to develop Flutter apps with ease. Additionally, there are plenty of other packages available, making the complicated tasks easier. The package library continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day, and the credit goes to the growing popularity and interest of developers in Flutter every day.

5. Supports a Variety of Widgets

Flutter’s library is full of widgets. Widgets included in the Flutter Library are fast and customizable. Flutter app development companies can customize it to suit client needs.These widgets can be used across multiple platforms and layouts, making them highly portable and responsive for mobile application development.Dedicated Flutter app developers can choose from a number of Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) Android Studio and Visual Studio, to name a few. 

VS Code is lightweight, quick, and has most features available in Android Studio and IntelliJ. Flutter is comprised of amazing plug-ins. They help the entire system thrive with the packages used for Android application development services. It also offers smooth natural scrolling and rich motion API’s to make the user experience better. 

6. Perfect for MVP Development

In most cases, businesses want to launch a prototype of their project before launching the full-fledged app. Building an app for individual platforms takes time and increases the cost. Therefore, Flutter presents an excellent opportunity to build a Minimum Viable Product to test waters and showcase an idea to investors with ease. 

Flutter is a reliable business solution that prevents obstacles, brings advanced technology trend to keep your application future-proof, and makes the integration extremely smooth. Moreover, it minimizes the risk to any business by allowing it to quickly build a product prototype and launch it in the market with investors’ approval to test waters. 

Therefore, it will not be too far from reality to call Flutter the best choice that business owners and app developers have for mobile app development. With increasing popularity, Flutter has also secured a lot of trusted Flutter app development companies and individual developers who can be hired to turn ideas in flesh.