Why Choose CodeIgniter PHP Framework for Building Web Applications

PHP is a well-known web programming language that has been widely used to create exceptional websites. According to W3Techs survey, PHP is being used by 82% of majority web server. This language is popular because of its collaborative features, excellent HTML and database integration support.Today, businesses are moving to the online world, and looking for a proficient web development company, which can make engaging websites to showcase their products and services. Thus, the developers have to create websites and web apps of all complexities. However, it can take tremendous time and effort to start from scratch, thus, the demand for a more structured development process came.

PHP frameworks are the best solution! These frameworks can build websites and web applications of diverse sizes and complexity. The developers use their skills, knowledge, and expertise to make a small static website to large scale complex enterprise content management systems. PHP frameworks can modernize the process of backend web development.

Why choose a PHP framework?
Modern web development demands scalability, fast development, well organized structure, reusability, and maintained code. PHP framework can aid you to achieve success. It can provide great assistance in creating exceptional website and apps like:

  • 1. Make speed development possible
  • 2. Provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code
  • 3. Provides scalable web apps
  • 4. Improved security feature
  • 5. Follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, ensuring the separation of presentation and logic
  • 6. Promote modern web development practices, like object-oriented programming tools

So, hire a PHP developer who has a good experience in custom web application development. CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework that was created by Ellislab in the year 2006 and made available for free use under MIT license.

It is a powerful PHP framework designed for PHP coders who are looking for a simple and elegant toolkit to form full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter can develop projects much faster by providing a set of libraries for commonly desired tasks, and a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. It has simple installation process with minimum configuration, and avoids PHP version conflict. It can work well with most of the shared and dedicated hosting platforms.

Hire a PHP web developer today to build a web application using this advanced platform in a short time. CodeIgniter allows professionals to focus on your project by reducing the amount of code required for a given task. It is a fast, and reliable framework. Here are several exceptional characteristics of it, including:

  • 1. Model-View-Controller Based System
  • 2. Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms
  • 3. Form and Data Validation
  • 4. Active Record Database Support
  • 5. Session Management
  • 6. FTP Class
  • 7. Benchmarking

There is a rising demand for CodeIgniter framework among the PHP web developers because of its dynamic features and encompassing benefits. It is a preferred open source PHP framework for building alluring web application in PHP web development industry. CodeIgniter based web applications performs effectively and rapidly. It provides programmers a valuable set of aspects to write code from beginning. Let’s know more about this framework!

Below are some of the features and benefits of this advance PHP framework.

Features of CodeIgniter

  • 1. Model-View-Controller Based System- This platform uses MVC system to catch complex models and aids you to build web application hassle-free with the use of controllers and views. It assists the developer to make core libraries for the system and allows you to incorporate your own existing scripts with database.
  • 2. Form Validation- It enables you to write the code in a single line with the help of an effective validation framework system. CodeIgniter can generate codes error-free and ensures a myriad range of control structures to be placed within the HTML form.
  • 3. Error Handling- CodeIgniter provides user-friendly interfaces that can uncover error functions throughout the application. It can show all PHP errors in your web application without missing meagerness.
  • 4. Migration- PHP developers can handle database schema updates through different web application fields. It is easy and hassle-free in CodeIgniter to migrate from one server to the other.
  • 5. Configuration and Customizable- In this PHP framework, developers can easily edit the existing files. CodeIgniter offers easy configuration and customizable of the files.

Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • 1. It aids developers to find the bugs in programming codes and rectifying them instantly in the web applications.
  • 2. Programmers can make web applications with high-end functionalities and additional features by using its in-built resource and libraries.
  • 3. It allows easy migration from source to destination service hosting.
  • 4. It offers you user-friendly interface, thereby, helping developers to make an active, flexible, secure and large web applications successfully in a short time.
  • 5. Web developers can use this powerful framework to tailor the configuration files easily.
  • 6. CodeIgniter assists the programmer to create both front-end and rear-end of a web application efficiently and easily in a secured manner.
  • 7. It is a reliable framework that has got a clear documentation.
  • 8. There are no restrictive coding rules in CodeIgniter, thus, web developers can use their own coding as well as naming conventions.
  • 9. CodeIgniter does not have large scale monolithic libraries. Its framework is lean and has improved productivity.
  • 10. This PHP framework provides Active Record Database Support, XSS filtering, Form and Data validation, and session management.
  • 11. It also provides Image Manipulation Library, File Uploading class, FTP class, Localization and pagination.
  • 12. Full Page Caching, Data Encryption, Benchmarking, and Error Logging are also possible with this framework.

Final words
CodeIgniter is a preferred PHP frameworks, having excellent features, ensuring high functionality, better performance and surpassing quality. So, hire a PHP developer today who can make robust web app for you!