Why Angular JS is Perfect for Building Modern Web Applications

Choosing the right tool for the right development purpose goes a long way in providing the desired results, especially when it comes to building modern web applications. AngularJS is a structural framework that is used for developing robust web application front-ends. It is quite a versatile framework and has plenty to offer to serve the wide array of needs in client-facing application development. 

AngularJS development services dictate a lot about the web application’s performance, as it has an influence on the overall user experience. Angular JS is created by Google, and is constantly being actively supported by the Google community to make it better.

The main idea of Angular is to combine well-known components, designs, patterns, and development practices in one framework to address challenges encountered in developing a single page application. To achieve this purpose, AngularJS supports standardized components such as models, views, controllers, and services.

AngularJS is known to make use of two important software design patterns namely Model View Controller (MVC) and the Dependency Injection. An Angular JS web development company utilizes this feature to develop faster web applications. Besides that, businesses hire AngularJS developers to makes use of the many abstractions available – thus paying attention to balancing modularity and complexity.

Several reasons contribute to AngularJS being a popular choice for building modern web applications. The most important of these reasons include:

1. AngularJS has been Developed by Google

The fact that AngularJS has been developed by highly talented engineers at Google is the most important factor pushing developers to choose it over all other frameworks. Interestingly, when developers choose to work with Angular JS, they not only have a large open community to learn from but also get their queries answered by readily available engineers. Adopting AngularJS as a practical framework for client-side development is rapidly becoming known to the entire web application development community. 

Google is synonymous with reliability. When businesses opt for Angular JS, they can rest assured that they are dealing with efficient and reliable codes that will scale with any project. Angular JS is a framework that lays down a solid foundation that aids easy and error-free development of apps. 

2. AngularJS is Comprehensive

AngularJS is similar to MVC or Knockout or Cappuccino, which means that if the development team of a business is familiar with any of these frameworks, they will have no trouble learning and following testing API of AngularJS.

Angular is a complete solution for rapid front-end development. The developer will not require a plugin or framework to build a data-driven web application.

Reasons why you must choose AngularJS for your Web App

3. Effortless implementation of MVC

The Angular way of implementing MVC is not only simple, but also quick. It works by allowing the developer to split the application into its MVC elements and then automatically perform the rest of the work. AngularJS manages all the elements and efficiently serves as the pipeline that integrates them.

As AngularJS is the chief mediator, the business owner does not need to worry about writing shortcuts between components.

4. Easy to Get Started With

Against popular misconception, getting started with AngularJS is extremely easy. By adding a few attributes to the HTML, a business can have a simple Angular app in no time. AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google and a community of developers, and it lets you extend HTML vocabulary. While using AngularJS, a business can create HTML-like elements and attributes that define the behaviour of presenting components.

5. AngularJS is Future Ready

AngularJS already has the ability to handle a project’s wireframes during initial development and testing process. At the same time, it can even handle other demands like animations and transitions for powerful websites and web applications. With more and more web designers and developers turning to frameworks like AngularJS to provide easy and effective solutions to their development problems, it is promising a much better experience for designers and developers alike. 

The popular websites that are built on Angular JS include some of the biggest names in the app industry – like Netflix, weather.com, YouTube for PS3, freelancer.com, and more. AngularJS is quickly becoming the dominant JavaScript or rather it is a dominant JavaScript for professional web application development.

Angular JS development services are the most sought after by companies looking to develop an advanced, yet robust application and the trend is likely to continue in this manner for many years to come. If you’re looking for such services, feel free to get in touch with SoftProdigy! 

Summary: AngularJS is an advanced structural framework that combines well-known components, designs, patterns, and development practices into one system. Read on to know what it has in store for you.