What to Expect from Node.Js Development in 2022? Top Trends to Watch Out

Node.Js is one of the most popular tools for back-end development, with nearly 30 million sites on the internet. It shows the awesomeness of Node.Js. And the number of websites built with Node.Js is increasing continuously.

But why would you and any other business owner choose Node.Js?

We indeed have plenty of server-side technologies to create robust and feature-rich applications. However, Node.Js is different in many ways. To begin with, it is not a framework but a JavaScript runtime environment. It works on an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, making it an efficient and lightweight platform. As a result, developers can build data-driven real-time web applications with ease.

Besides this, many enterprises use Node.Js because of its exceptional scalability, flexibility, and performance. No wonder there is a surge in demand for NodeJs freelancers and on-site developers. But technology never remains the same. It keeps evolving with every passing year. It applies to Node.Js as well.

Whether you have an existing Node.Js application or are building from scratch, it is crucial to stay up-to-date.

We just entered 2022, a new year with new opportunities and hopes. Given the rising fear of the COVID-19 pandemic from variants, we can expect more businesses to switch to online solutions. To ensure your Node.Js web application remains relevant, follow the latest trends in the industry. In this post, we will top Node.Js trends to prevail in 2022.

  1. The rise of MERN stack

    In the past few years, the MERN stack has managed to mark its position as a reliable solution. All thanks to its excellent development capabilities and the benefits it offers. The primary reason that took the web development industry by storm is using JavaScript for writing the entire code. It means developers can skip the context switching option.

    With the MERN stack, your developers can avoid switching from one framework to another. It will help save time and result in faster development.

  1. Real-time applications era

    Real-time applications are in demand because they offer better user engagement. Plus, they come with ultimate performance and features. Are you thinking of a real-time application for your company? If yes, you consider adding interactive features such as live chat, ad servers, stock exchange, social media integrations, and more. Fortunately, Node.js can meet all your needs. Here are some examples of real-time applications you can build with Node.Js.

    • Online gaming app
    • Video conferencing app
    • Instant messaging app
    • E-commerce app
    • Document sharing app
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) app

      Node.Js caters to real-time features needs but also delivers highly scalable apps. Therefore, we can see businesses are like to hire NodeJs developers in India and other regions in the world.

  1. Microservices are in demand

    When it comes to enterprise-level applications, they are more advanced in terms of features and functionalities. If you want to create an enterprise-level project, it is essential to use Microservices. They support server outlook and bring multiple features to improve performance and debugging. With Node.Js, you can access and use Microservices in your project efficiently.

    Another reason why Microservices are in demand is they create serverless models, which ensure building large-scale applications smoothly. Using Microservices in Node.Js development is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons.

  1. IoT matters

    IoT or the Internet of Things is a widely popular technology app development world. It has a network of connected devices that ensure smooth communication between the devices or between the cloud and devices. Businesses have started opting for IoT technology for benefits like better time management, data monitoring, speedy operation, cost-effectiveness, etc.

    If you want to leverage this technology into your app, hire a dedicated Node.Js developer. This is because Node.Js supports all IoT development projects, thanks to its data-oriented outlook and real-time power. For this reason, Node.Js is popular in building IoT-based applications.

  2. Server-less architecture

    Another Node.Js development trend to watch out for in 2022 is server-less architecture. It means you can build a web app effortlessly without depending on servers. Since server-less architecture has less intervention of hardware and servers; you can save a lot of money. Node.Js offers server-less development, along with quality code and top-notch flexibility.

In closing

Looking at these latest trends and contributions, it is clear that Node.Js has a flourishing future. If you want to build an app for growth and sustainability, consider these trends. When you hire a Node.Js developer, make sure they are familiar with the industry updates and trends.

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  1. What are the advantages of using Node.Js?

    Node.Js is an open-source platform for building dynamic applications faster. It offers numerous advantages like quick scalability, speed and performance, and flexibility.

  1. What is the difference between Node.Js and JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a programming language that runs in a good web browser, whereas Node.Js is a runtime environment for JavaScript.

  1. Is Node.Js a popular development tool?

    Yes, Node.Js is one of the popular tools for development. The primary reason is that it uses JavaScript as a scripting language to develop applications.

  1. Are there any disadvantages of using Node.Js?

    Like any other tool and technology, Node.Js has limitations as well. These are:

    • Unstable API
    • Difficulty in maintaining code
    • Performance issues (by handling heavy computing tasks)
    • Insufficient library support
  1. Is anything Node.Js cannot do?

    While it serves more complicated applications, it is not suitable for multi-threaded programming. If it tries to handle heavy computations, the performance faces a setback.

  2. Are any big brands using Node.Js?

    Yes, Node.Js is the first choice of both start-ups and well-established. Some of the big brands that use Node.Js are Netflix, Uber, PayPal, eBay, Medium, etc.