What is Virtual Influencer Marketing and How Is it Changing the Game?

The virtual influencer market has to take off digital marketing for good reasons. But influencers have existed for decades. The actual growth of virtual influencer marketing started after the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Whether human or virtual influencers, the primary purpose remains the same. For example, influencers have influenced trends and consumer choices for years using their position and power of influence.

Right now, there is an emergence of virtual influencers. And we can expect the same services but without humans. If you plan to invest in this, hire one of the top marketing agencies. First, you should know what a virtual influencer is and how they impact your brand.

What is a virtual influencer?

Unlike human influencers, virtual influencers are digital, artificial personas created by computers. They perform the same function to promote goods and brands on social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

With virtual influencer marketing, you can genuinely sell products. It may not be possible if you use traditional marketing techniques. One example of virtual influencers is CGI influencers.

Often, people confuse them with real humans because of their life-like features, physical characteristics, and personality. Thus, these digital characters can create strong bonds with followers and gain trust. It influences their buying decisions. But how do virtual influencers help your business? Scroll below to know more.

How does virtual influencer marketing impact your brand?

Most people think that the idea that virtual influencers are not real humans makes them unique and fascinating. But this is not true, as businesses have been using fake personas for marketing. Why an online marketing agency is interested in virtual influencers is the software used. It helps them overcome challenges. Let us uncover perks your brand can enjoy. 

  1. No limit to creative possibilities

Creativity is limitless. Brands take advantage of this to make their online marketing attractive and influential. As a result, they can modify their appearance, content style, and interests to stand out. Courtesy of virtual influencer marketing, it may be made to meet business needs and reflect your brand values and personality.

  1. Complete control over the brand

With virtual influencer marketing, you can have more control over your brand. You can handle your project from inception to completion. It is what businesses lack when collaborating with human influencers, as you need them for the creative process. You do not have to rely on content creators to include your brand in their posts and style. Virtual influencers work as per your instructions, so they are scandal-free.

Since influencer marketing highly depends on content, virtual influencers can help you create social media content consistently. It improves your brand’s identity and attracts target audiences.

  1. Savings in the long run

One thing that is unique about virtual influencers is they are created from pixels. It makes them ever appealing and new. It means you can use them indefinitely. And they will never wear thin.

Moreover, your digital characters can travel anywhere, including space, to match your brand concept and ideals. The best part of virtual influencer marketing is the cost of creating content will not change with the growing fan base. 

  1. Access to Metaverse

Metaverse is a next-generation concept that is single, immersive, and shared. Basically, it is a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. Virtual influencer marketing gives you access to digital environments, including computer-generated 3D personas, “Metaverse.”

The younger generation is more accepting of new concepts and technologies like Metaverse. Virtual influencers help your brand to transition into this new digital universe seamlessly. It will boost brand trust and forge emotional relationships.

  1. Improve customer engagement

According to a study by a Hype Auditor, digital influencers have nearly three times more engagement than their conventional counterparts. Therefore, you can boost your brand engagement by investing in virtual influencer marketing.

The bottom line

No doubt, digital influencers offer numerous benefits to brands. It has some challenges, like limited resources to work with virtual influencers. Also, you cannot trust your brand to any virtual influencer. Therefore, to avoid backlash, hire a reliable company offering virtual influencer marketing. Make sure the prospective digital influencers have a strong reputation in the field.

If you are searching for an experienced online marketing agency, SoftProdigy is your best match. We have a team of marketers delivering top-notch virtual influencer services. Call us to know more.


  1. Which are the top virtual influencers in 2023?

Everything that influencers can achieve is also possible for virtual influencers. But they offer greater control and involvement. In actuality, virtual influencers can provide engagement rates that are almost three times higher than those of human influencers. Here are the top virtual influencers for 2023.

  • Barbie
  • Lil Miquela
  • Guggimon
  • Lu do Magalu
  • Janky
  • Thalasya
  1. What are the costs of working with virtual influencers?

Compared to human influencers, using virtual influencers is more economical. In general, traditional influencers with over a million followers charge brands over $250,000. On the other hand, Lil Miquela, the most well-known virtual influencer, has over 3 million followers. But it charges only $9,000 per post.