What is TikTok and How to monetize it?

TikTok is an iOS and Android mobile app for creating and sharing short videos. It is a leading short video platform in the United States, Asia and many other parts of the world. Before we get into how to monetize this extremely popular app let’s get some understanding about the app itself.

What is TikTok?

TikTok has immensely grown ever since it merged with Musical.ly, and now, it has become the world’s latest obsession. What causes this app to be so popular is that it’s easy and fun to use.

It essentially involves making extremely short videos that tend to be musical in nature for the sake of entertainment. Moreover, the app permits individuals to create duets, collaborating their own additions to the videos created. All users have to do is record their addition and send it as a reply to the video, creating a dual-screen result.

What makes TikTok distinctive is that it’s designed primarily for creating meme music, or short meme videos that make use of music. However, that’s not all, you can make just about any kind of videos, including those that use other types of sound effects.

TikTok has already passed many popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook when it comes to app downloads.

TikTok uses artificial intelligence to study the user’s interests and preferences through their interactions with the content, and display a personalized content feed to each user.

Like most hobbies, it has been monetized so if that’s your thing, you can some money on the side, while you’re putting yourself out there and interacting. It won’t make you rich but can definitely help you augment your income and get returns for investing your time and effort.

But, to be able to monetize you would really need to have a substantial fan base to start with, in the first place. For this, all you need to do is publish interesting content in order to gain hundreds of thousands of followers.

Assuming you have already acquired a decent fan base or followers, here are some ways in which you can earn through TikTok.

1. Cross Promotions

Cross-promotions have been going on for some time now, be it on Facebook, Twitter or any other big platform. TikTok can even be used by users to cross-promote brands and other channels and users can charge. This is one of the easiest and full proof ways to make money from TikTok. If you have a huge number of fans on TikTok, then you can easily earn money from TikTok by promoting other channels.

2. Brand Deals

Brands are invariably eager to take advantage of growing social media platforms and what better way to do it than to promote themselves on TikTok? With the application taking over and dictating its position as one in the world’s Top 10, advertisers will be willing to take out their wallets and pay a hefty amount to talents to showcase their brands.

TikTok influencers can easily earn a handsome amount per promotion by promoting brands and their products. The influencer can charge per view or set an amount as per the followers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Brand deals will provide you a fixed price, which is good but with affiliate marketing your earning potential depends on how many fans you have, the more the fans the more your earning potential. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money using TikTok if you have a huge fan base and a really high number of followers.

4. e-Commerce Business

TikTok influencers can start their own e-commerce businesses and promote their merchandise on their channels to earn from the leading lip sync application. Users can do a lot with this from unboxing products and samples to brand placements, branding and much more.

5. Challenge Activities

TikTok thrives on challenges. The official hosts many kinds of challenge activities irregularly. Take part in and win the prizes. TikTok users will all make videos attempting to do the same thing, like the Horn Challenge or the latest Ahchoo Challenge. These are every so often community-created trends, they may take the form of sponsored hashtags, too.

6. Live Streaming – Live.Ly

One of the other ways to make money from the app is by using Live.ly. This is the live streaming option built in the app, through which you can make money directly via tips. The concept is simple and true to the nature of TikTok. You put content on the app and make it good enough for people to love it, and they can tip you to show their appreciation.

All these methods require a lot of patience, hard work and gaining a good follower base before they can be used to the fullest. So, keep posting exciting videos and increase your follower count, as more fans mean more traffic, and more traffic means more money.

Overall, TikTok is a truly unique app that has a lot to offer and keep you entertained!