Website Scraping: 5 Best Tools to Watch Out for In 2020

Undoubtedly, technology has made our lives better with the ability to perform everyday tasks more conveniently than ever. When it comes to businesses, the technical advancements have changed the way they operate, deal with the problems and more. One such task that companies depend on technology for is data or web scraping. If you’re wondering what that means, don’t worry! We are here to assist you.

Web scraping is a popular method that enterprises use to collect data from the internet so that they can save time and focus on core functions. It is because manual data collection with copy-paste is a repetitive and tedious task. All thanks to technology, there are several website scraping tools available today. In the post, we have mentioned some of the best data scraping tools for 2020.

But before diving into the top web scraping tools, let’s learn some of the purposes of this data collection technique.

Well, web scraping can be used in various ways in the business ecosystem, such as:

  • It will help in conducting market research, and depending on your findings, you can create a marketing strategy for your business.
  • You can use it for collecting contact details of your potential suppliers and manufacturers.
  • It is an effortless way to find out jobs or candidates looking for jobs.
  • If you love online shopping, web scraping will help you track prices of products across various markets.

Tools for scraping data on the internet

5 most efficient website scraping tools in 2020
  • Web scraper

It is a Chrome extension and comes with a few data scraping features. However, it is a helpful tool for conducting online research, and it transports data to Google Spreadsheets at ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the field of data extraction, Web Scraper will serve you well.

  • allows businesses to extract millions of data using cutting-edge technology at low prices. It helps developers to create their datasets by transporting the data to CSV and importing the data for a specific web page. With this tool, enterprises can scrape unlimited data from multiple web pages within a few minutes.


Previously known as CloudScrape, allows data extraction from any website on the internet without the need for any downloading. It comes with a browser-based editor feature that sets up crawlers and scrapes data. Once you extract the data, save it on cloud platforms like and Google Drive.

Apart from this, other popular data extraction tools are Scrapinghub – a cloud-based web scraping tool and ParseHub, which uses machine learning language.

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