VueJs Developers Make Hard Development Processes Easy: Learn How

The surge in the demand for VueJs developers is more than ever these days. The reasons for choosing VueJs vary from individual to individual and project to project. Some consider VueJs for its ease of use and simple design, whereas others for its excellent components.

Over the years, VueJs has been growing significantly without a sign of abating. Currently, there are 1,884,181 live websites built on top of VueJs.

If you are a business owner or a VueJs developer looking for a robust framework for your single-page application, VueJs is your best match! Today, we will look at how VueJs developers can make hard development processes easy. But first, let us learn more about VueJs and its features.

  • VueJs: A progressive web framework

    VueJs is an open-source JavaScript-based framework. It allows VueJs developers to build robust single-page applications and user interfaces. But what makes this technology unique is that you can use it as a framework and a library, both.

    Developed by Evan You, VueJs offers the best features of the two leading JavaScript frameworks – Angular and React. It means Vue borrowed some of its features from React, like virtual rendering, component-based approach, state management, etc. On the other hand, the syntax, templates, and the hassle-free user interface come from Angular.

    The combination of the two popular frameworks results in a powerful, high-performing, and easy-to-learn framework. It is no surprise that leading enterprises choose to hire a VueJs developer in India over other frameworks.Vue is also referred to as a progressive web framework because it undergoes continuous changes and development. Why? The reason is that VueJs is implemented as additional markup to HTML. That means whenever the model changes, the browser HTML updates.

    While it is a relatively new framework, it gained momentum among developers and businesses in a short period. We see many enterprises rely on VueJs companies to meet their web development needs, thanks to its exceptional features and functionalities. The most prominent is its simplicity and ease of use, unlike other component-driven frameworks. Below are some features that make VueJs a preferred choice among many frameworks.

Features of Vue Js Development
  • Excellent features of VueJs

    When it comes to the VueJs ecosystem, it is notably vibrant. That is why most people switch to this framework. Now, it is time to unveil the VueJs features that took the web development world by storm.

    • Virtual DOM – Virtual DOM is nothing but a clone of the real DOM. It takes each expected change for the DOM and acts like JavaScript data structures. And when these structures undergo progressions, they are first compared to the real data structures. The final changes will display in the real DOM for users to see. As a result, it leads to fast and cost-effective updates.
    • Two-way data binding – Another feature of VueJs is two-way data binding, thanks to its MVVM architecture. Two-way communication ensures that any change in UI is passed to the data. After this, the changes will reflect in the UI. With this feature, VueJs developers can handle HTML blocks easily. Consequently, it speeds up web app development.
    • UI components – VueJs comes with reusable components that expand for particular UI elements. These are pre-defined solutions that a VueJs developer can implement in the app for a specific function. It prevents creating these functionalities from scratch. Hence, you save both time and money.
    • CSS transitions – CSS transitions are a boon to developers for building interactive web applications. It allows VueJs companies to apply animation when an element leaves and enters the DOM. In simple words, animations are the result of a property change in CSS. Remember, transitions ensure animations at an end and start state. Plus, the existing CSS property values control each state.

    These are just a few features that encourage business owners to shift to VueJs from other frameworks. Other features are computed properties, templates, simple integration, modern JavaScript, etc.

    Now, you are well-versed with VueJs and its features. It is time to explain how Vue can help make complicated things easy. Let us see why you need to hire a VueJs developer in India to make your web development process easy and hassle-free:

  • How VueJs developers make web development easy?

    There are plenty of online resources and surveys that suggest VueJs is one of the highly demanding frameworks. But today, we will discuss how VueJs features make the life of VueJs developers easier. Let us find out how.

    • Fast rendering – The first highlight of VueJs is its lightweight nature. Thanks to its size of only 21 KBs, it can make things easier than other frameworks. Also, it works on virtual DOM, ensuring faster rendering. Compared to updating the real DOM, synchronizing the virtual DOM is effortless. Thus, VueJs developers can build web applications that render smoothly and react quickly. But this is not as easy in other frameworks as VueJs. So, the small size and fast loading of VueJs are a boon to developers.
    • Incrementally adoptable – VueJs is incrementally adoptable. After all, VueJs apps are designed from the ground up. But the best thing is that getting started with VueJs is easy. Once you start web development with VueJs, you can add complexities according to the needs and goals of your project.
      Besides this, VueJs core library is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are essential elements required for a robust web development project. So, VueJs developers can start building simple yet great web applications within a few hours. Provided they have a basic knowledge.
    • Extremely declarative – VueJs coding is well-organized and legible, owing to the nicely-done abstractions. It is because of the goodness of computed properties in Vue. It is an excellent feature that enables VueJs developers to create a property. They can further use this property to manipulate, modify and display data efficiently within the components.
      Based on the data model values, developers can calculate and display values using computed properties. Remember, these calculations are highly performant if used right.
    • Extensive documentation – VueJs has extensive documentation that helps developers handle things with ease. Whether you need information about the latest update or tutorials, there are a handful of forums. Also, the core team of proficient VueJs developers and designers is here to answer all your queries related to the framework. So, even if you are a beginner, you can start your project with VueJs efficiently.
    • Single file component – Another aspect of VueJs is the single-file components. It refers to a special file format that enables developers to encapsulate everything in a single file. It includes the logic, template, and styling of the Vue component. Therefore, Vue developers do not have to manage several files. In this way, they save time and ensure smooth workflow. That means no more juggling with numerous files to fetch information, which makes developers’ life easier.
    • Digital transformation – The VueJs web framework ecosystem has technical solutions like Vuex, Nuxt, Gridsome, and Vue Router. They allow developers to access powerful tools with exceptional digital transformation. Also, these read-to-use tools help developers to be more productive and offer timely deliveries.

    But how does it help businesses?

    Digital transformation or DX is a strategy to make enterprises more innovative. Your prospective VueJs companies can incorporate digital technologies in various ways like products, operational processes, customer interactions, and solutions.

The conclusion

We learned the features of Vue that work like magic to ensure smooth web app development. So, it is no surprise why most developers love working with this framework. According to a Stack Overflow developer survey, VueJs grabbed the third position as the most loved framework. What impresses professionals about VueJs is the ease of learning. If a developer knows JavaScript and HTML, they can get started within a day. But if you want to create a successful web project, hire a VueJs developer with years of experience.

But if you want to build an enterprise-level project, it is advisable to hire a VueJs developer with proficiency in the field. They will implement the latest tools and techniques to help you develop dynamic projects.

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  1. How is VueJs connected to Angular and React?

One obvious reason is all are JavaScript-based framework. But there is something more to it. The primary reason Evan You created VueJs is to resolve the existing challenges of Angular and React. In short, VueJs offers the best of both.

  1. Why should I hire VueJs services for my next project?

There are plenty of benefits VueJs offers both developers and enterprises, such as:

  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Time and money saving
  • Fast development approach
  • Developer’s friendly
  • Ease of learning
  • Progressiveness
  • Extensive community