Using Express.JS Framework to Create Future-proof Apps

Business owners and entrepreneurs around the world are constantly on the lookout for latest digital technologies that can be leveraged to fulfil various unique project needs. As our handedness with technology improves, there is a growing need for better apps with latest features. More than hundreds of new mobile applications are launched on a daily basis and this growing demand for software products has triggered an increased interest in superior features using state-of-the -art technology. Mobile app developers are no longer limited by the availability of only a few tools for their development work. On the contrary, they are given an abundance of instruments to build various software for devices that create the problem of choice. 

JavaScript, which is regarded as one of the most popular frontend technologies, has an unlimited scope of use even today – despite being in use for the last two decades. It has seen a series of improvements and innovation to reach the spot that it holds in the industry today. One can build an entire website using JavaScript. The backend functionality of JavaScript is possible by the combination of Node.JS and Express.JS development services. While Node.JS is the framework engaged in building server-side applications, Express.JS is used to publish them as websites.

Node.JS is regarded as one of the fastest server-side web application platforms. It allows mobile app developers the ease of building scalable single program language web applications. As it is one of the top trending JavaScript runtime frameworks, it is open-sourced and has cross platform properties that enable developers to create codes outside the browser.

Express.JS development services are required to layer fundamental structure and features that are needed to build an app since Node.JS does not offer such capability. 

Understanding Express.JS

Express.JS is a Node.JS based JavaScript framework and is a part of one of the most popular JavaScript software stack called the MEAN stack development. Every component of MEAN, including Express.JS app development services, are enabled on both server-side as well as client side. Businesses hireExpress.JS developers most notably used for enterprise application development as it is a minimalist server framework for Node.JS and allows for the best development of server-side and networking applications.

Express.JShas proven to be an extremely flexible Node.js application framework. This plugin is not built around specific components, thus it has no issues withany technology that the developer plugs into it. This gives freedom to experiment to developers andoffers a lightning-fast setup and a great JavaScript experience. Express.JS is deemed a strong contender in the area of rapid prototyping and agile development.

Features of Express.JS that Allow Creation of Future-Ready Apps

Express.JS helps create future-ready apps that are very forward in their approach and technology usage as well as in their outlook. A number of features can be credited for this. Some of the important features of Express.JS include:

Features of Express.JS

1. Provides an Ease of Developing MVC Model-Driven Applications

Enterprise applications can be developed by sticking to a model-based approach like MVC or MVP in mind. With the use of the Express.JS app development services, applications can be largely developed using the widely recognized and extremely popular MVC approach. This development approach is preferred as it ensures faster and a more structured application development. It equips the business owner with an ease and flexibility to make changes since in this approach the design and code of the application are separate. Therefore, a Node.JS developer can easily develop model-driven mobile applications by making use of the Express framework.

2. Flexible Framework with Robust Features

Express.JS is highly recognized for being a minimalist Node.JS framework that has a number of robust features for web application development. Enterprises need robust, error-free apps to serve their complicated and demanding business requirements and Express.JS offers the perfect solution in the form of a  platform that can be used to develop efficient applications while easily handling errors.

3. Speed of Development

Express.JS is recognized asthe much faster JavaScript frameworks when compared to others in its league. It is, therefore, widely adopted by the enterprises to ensure that their web applications get built quickly. The faster the app gets built, the sooner it will be able to get marketed.The development process in building such web applications is much simpler and takes relatively lesser time and effort as well.

Furthermore, the underlying features of Express.JS are same as that of Node.JS. Therefore, a company that has already hired an adept team of Node.JS developers would not have to invest more time and money in training their developers for Express development skills. The team of developers can use their Node.JS skills to carry out Express.JS development.

3. Versatile

Express.JS developers can make use of versatile middleware modules to carry out additional tasks on response and on request. Express.JS app development services allow developers to integrate with miscellaneous template engines. The most popular among these engines include EJS, Jade, Vash, and a few others.

4. Real-World Usage of Express.JS

Express.JS is climbing the charts to become the framework of choice for most seasoned as well as new entrepreneurs. A number of big corporations and enterprises like Uber, MySpace, PayPal, IBM, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Netflix, and many more have been relying on Node.JS technology for their web application development requirements. These enterprises are now being able to reap the fruits of creating custom web applications using Express.JS. 

As a business owner, you too can develop a future-proof web application by hiring an Express.JS developer. It is important to ensure hiring a professional Express.JS developer to create result-oriented web applications for your entrepreneurial ventures.