Top Tools Every React JS Developer must have in 2021

Unlike the past, the development process is neither expensive nor time-consuming – all thanks to continuous technological advancements and innovations. You can create a dynamic web app from a pool of frameworks, libraries, tech stacks, and programming languages. But it becomes difficult to decide, especially if you have a non-technical background.

Are you wandering around various front-end libraries to pick the best one for your business? If yes, then React Js seems a good candidate. It is a JavaScript library that enables developers to create intuitive and beautiful user interfaces.

But not many React developers are using the right tools that boost the React app development experience. When you hire a React JS developer, you must be aware of the tools they are using, and if these tools are going to help your development process or not. So, we will have a look at the best React JS tools. If your development team is using these tools, you can rest assured that the results will be good:   

  • A list of must-have tools for every React JS developer
  1. Reactide Known as the first IDE for web app development, Reactide is a multi-platform desktop framework. It eases opening a single React JSX file in the browser while rendering the React project automatically. As a result, it eliminates the dependency on the build-in software and server configuration. It comes with live project architecture representation, which ensures visual editing assistance. Below are the primary features of Reactide.
  • A handful of GUI buttons
    • Components visualization
    • Streamlined configurations
    • An extensible one-click environment for developers
  1. React-proto – It is a prototyping tool used by both developers and designers. The reason for creating React-proto was to streamline mocking-up while building client-side web applications. If you want to use this tool, you need to download and install it because it is desktop software.

With this tool, you can build, drag, and resize components quickly and easily. Like many other libraries, React-proto was built using Electron and React. Here is what makes React-proto an efficient tool.

  • Faster prototyping
    • Export files
    • Easy-to-create, drag and resize components
    • Define parent and child components
  1. React Cosmos It is a simple, detail-oriented React dev tool. React Cosmos allows developers to build scalable, high-quality user interfaces. Whether small or large, React Cosmos enhances all React development components. Developers can use this tool to search and render components using background, props, and state. In addition to this, it allows you to see how web applications are developed. The following are the incredible features of React Cosmos, such as:
  • Open-source platform
    • Component library
    • Visual TDD
    • Laser focus
  1. Storybook – The Storybook is an ideal tool for rapid testing and iteration of UI components. If this is what you are looking for, this open-source tool is all you need. It comes with a visual representation of multiple states for each component. Hence, your prospective React JS development company can do proper testing of the UI interactions.

Besides visualization, Storybook allows testing in isolation that eliminates chances of breaking when changing the components. The exciting features of Storybook are listed below.

  • Building and testing components in isolation
    • Faster setup and configuration
    • Robust and amazing UIs
    • Add-ons to ensure rapid UI development
  1. EvergreenIf you want to build an ambitious product with React, Evergreen is the best tool for you. It is an open-source, React UI framework that encourages building systems to meet current and future design needs. Segment helps in building and maintaining Evergreen. Additionally, it comes with polished React components that offer complete control while working out-of-the-box. Here are the features you should know.
  • Easy-to-implement
    • Enterprise-level
    • Flexible & easy to compose
    • Out-of-the-box function
    • Great documentation
  1. Create React App Almost every React tool we mentioned here needs to meet some standards to ensure proper functioning. Failing to keep up with a standard may not help you get desirable results. However, several methods are available that help you do so. Well, this is where Create React App comes into the picture. Developed by Facebook, this tool allows developers to bootstrap a particular command life for a respective React project.

Hence, you do not have to worry about adding the correct support modules or choosing the best project structure. It is because the Create React App can handle all. To know what makes this React tool different from others, we have listed some features below.

  • It offers support for React hooks
    • Browser list support
    • Lint support to TypeScript
  1. React Sight – If you want your React app to have a flow chart structure, React Sight is an ideal solution. It is a lightweight and unconstructive tool and works with all libraries, like React-router, React fiber, Redux, and so on. Exciting features of React Sight include:
  • Open-source
    • Better speed
    • No requirements for setup
    • Built-in filters to avoid deviations
  1. React Bootstrap React Bootstrap is one of the commonly used CSS frameworks. It offers numerous JavaScript functions and CSS classes, which enables developers to create beautiful UI. The best thing about this tool is that anyone can use it without professional help. React Bootstrap comes with these features, including:
  • Easily accessible
    • Rebuilt with React
    • Bootstrap at its core

React has plenty of tools to suit every business’s needs and demands. These are some of the tools trending in 2021. So, when hiring React app development services, make sure your developer knows how to work with the leading React tools and frameworks.

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