Top Reasons Why Businesses Migrate From Java to Kotlin

Java is one of the oldest programming languages. No doubt, it still rules the app development world. Every developer has used Java for one and other projects, whether an amateur or experienced.

There are countless applications on the web built with Java for various good reasons. While Java is a high-end, feature-rich scripting language, it has shortcomings. As a result, the Android app development required a coding language that meets the needs of modern applications. So, here it is, Kotlin.

After Google announced Kotlin as an official programming language for Android app development, it has gained a lot of momentum. Well, this caused many enterprises to hire Kotlin developers for their new and existing Android apps. Before we get into what led enterprises to migrate from Java to Kotlin, let us know the basics of Kotlin.

  • What is Kotlin?

Created by JetBrains in 2011, Kotlin is a modern, safe, and simple programming language. Unlike Java – the oldest, high-performing coding language, Kotlin is more verbose while being statically-typed and compatible with cross-platform.

It comes with both functional and object-oriented constructs. With this, you can create all types of applications, such as customer-side, server-side, Android, or web. In addition to this, Kotlin can reduce code writing than Java.

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For example, where Java requires 50 to 60 code lines, Kotlin does it in three to four lines. Hence, you can avoid boilerplate code. Below, we have listed the incredible benefits of migrating from Java to Kotlin.

  • Migrating your apps from Java to Kotlin: What are the benefits?

If you cannot decide whether to switch your existing Java app to Kotlin, you are on the right page. We can vouch after reading this post, you will search for an experienced Kotlin Android development company.

Do you know even some of the leading applications switched to Kotlin from Java? Some of the names include Pinterest, Postmates, Uber, Evernote, Basecamp 3, Simple Calendar, and many more. Without further ado, have a look at the benefits of migrating apps from Java to Kotlin.

  • Mass adoption – Although Kotlin is a new language for Android app development, numerous companies have migrated from Java to Kotlin. The list of apps that migrated to Kotlin includes even the leading brands we mentioned already. The reason why there is a surge in demand for Kotlin is the benefits that come along.
  • Concise coding Contrary to Java, Kotlin offers short coding to develop modern, safe Android mobile apps. It means the resulting code of Kotlin will be significantly concise, which can help you prevent boilerplate codes. It further enhances your app productivity while ensuring minimal-to-no errors. Thus, we can say that writing code with Kotlin is way safer and reliable.
  • Fail-fast system – Another reason that makes Kotlin a better choice for Android app development is its fail-fast system. It is one of the recent changes Google made in Kotlin for Android apps. But what does a fail-fast system do?

Well, this system immediately reports a coding issue, especially the one that is likely to cause a failure. Are you wondering how it works? When a problem occurs during Kotlin app development process the system crashes automatically. As a result, the Kotlin app developer cannot carry out the development process without fixing the issue.

  • Improved user experience – Yet another reason to love Kotlin is a better user experience. When it comes to user experience, the more is less. Thanks to a new-age programming language, Kotlin, that creates more stable Android applications.

Firstly, it removes the bugs and errors during the development process, which reduces app failure chances. Secondly, when you release a high-performing app without any issues, the user experience automatically improves.

  • Developer’s delight – With new improvements and features, Kotlin allows developers to build high-performing Android apps. The coding language has a flexible Project Wizard that helps in the easy development of all sorts of projects. Additionally, developers can use a new compiler mode, explicit API mode, to create consistent and well-defined APIs.

All these features together make the Android app development process for developers a breeze.

  • Better app security – With the rise in online frauds and scams, app security is the primary requirement for businesses and users. As compared to Java, Kotlin ensure more security due to its built-in null safety feature. As mentioned already, a coding mistake leads to crashes and failures, making developers discontinue the process. Hence, Kotlin is a more reliable coding language for Android app development.
  • Android Studio support – Android Studio offers superior support to Kotlin. It means Android Studio will take care of the necessary configurations when installing Kotlin for convenient functionality. Also, we all know that Android app development with Kotlin requires much-reduced coding. It makes Kotlin the best option for Android app development.

These are some of the reasons why more businesses choose Kotlin to develop their Android apps. Besides this, many have shifted their mobile apps from Java to Kotlin to leverage the excellent benefits. If you are ready to make a move from Java to Kotlin, make you hire the best Kotlin app development services.

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