Top Reasons PHP is a Better Programming Language than Other Options

Are you looking for the best programming language for your development project?

The technology sector is booming like a wildfire, so choosing the best pick is a hard row to hoe. It is because we have countless programming languages, tech stacks, and technologies. If you are not from a technological background, scrolling through the available options will only confuse you.

For this reason, it is advisable to seek expert advice so that you can make an informed decision. Of course, you can get any information on the internet. But do not forget there are millions of websites favoring various programming languages. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process to read each website.

Well, do not worry! We are here to assistant you in making the right decision.

Among all the available scripting languages for web application development, PHP seems to be the winner. After all, nearly 78.7% of websites use PHP. Some of the leading names include Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Indeed, Zoom, etc.

But regardless of its popularity, there is an ongoing battle in the digital ecosystem – PHP Vs other languages.

If you want to create feature-rich, robust, and responsive web pages, PHP is your answer. Before we dive into the reasons to choose PHP, let us know more about this programming language. 

  • The basic understanding of PHP

PHP, also known as a general-purpose programming language, is one of the first server-side languages. It is easy to embed into HTML. Thus, you can easily add functionalities to your web pages without depending on external files for data. No doubt, PHP offers several benefits to both developers and entrepreneurs.

But did you know PHP shares some resemblance with a few programming languages? So, which programming language does PHP resemble? Some scripting languages that share similarities with PHP are C, Perl, and Python.

For example, if we compare PHP with Python, they are similar in many ways. Both are easy to learn, allowing developers to build web applications at a faster speed. In addition to this, whether developers use PHP or Python, debugging is hassle-free. It means your potential developer can figure out code errors with ease.

PHP Vs other languages

But what makes PHP different from other scripting languages? Why do most businesses choose PHP for their web development projects? To get your questions answered, keep reading.

  • Reasons why you should choose PHP over other languages
  • Scalability – Every business has a plan to expand or grow in size in the coming future. Probably, you have the same thoughts as well. Thankfully, with PHP, you do not have to worry about creating a new web application. It is because the language has been designed to help you increase the size of your cluster without any hassle. All you need to do is add more servers.
  • Speed – Unlike other programming languages, PHP does not use many resources of a system. As a result, it is comparatively faster than the rest. Since many hosts support PHP, hosting PHP is also easy. The best thing is even if you use PHP with other software, it does not affect its speed.
  • Superior freedom – The freedom you enjoy with PHP is unmatched. It is an open-source scripting language, which enables you to use any text editor for coding. Some options that you can use include Bluefish, Notebook++, jEdit, and many more. Besides this, PHP is not a constraint to the specific operating system. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, etc.
  • 100% free No-cost development is another reason why PHP is a preferred choice of most developers and enterprises. Well, this is the primary goal of many, especially those with a low budget. Contrary to other programming languages, you do not have to pay for licenses with PHP. Also, there are no associated royalty fees and restrictions.
  • Integration As mentioned already, almost 78.9% of web applications are built with PHP. It means eight in ten websites use this programming language. PHP has excellent integration capabilities, and it can work with Pusher, MongoDB, Memcache, and many more. From banks to governmental organizations, hospitals, and well-established corporations, PHP is everywhere.
  • Support from a huge community – The biggest nightmare of a developer is to get stuck at a particular coding issue and have no one to help. But this is not the case when using PHP for web application development. It has a massive community of experts in the field who are always ready to help you through forums, blogs, and PDFs. 

In closing

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and got all the necessary answers. If you want to develop a function-rich website without investing much money and time, you know what to do. The battle of PHP Vs other languages will not come to an end. But if this scripting language fits your goals, go for it.

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